Oh it's Sare

If you're a regular reader of ohitssare.com then you will be aware that I've sorta dibbed 2018 as my year to smash it. Soz hunz, I've claimed it... It's definitely going to be my year starting this February (bare shiz went down in January so we're just gonna write that one off).

If you read my post on my 2018 goals then you would've seen that I want to treat myself to more me-time this year. I spend a lot of my time creating content for other bloggers which I obviously love doing but, the majority of my spare time is spent being completely focused on other people. I actually don't really have a problem with this because I love doing it, it's something I find fulfilling, challenging and I wouldn't change it for the world. However, I'm a hard working gal and I think I kinda hit a creative wall.

I became exhausted, uninspired and even though I had 1000s of images to showcase on my insta, I had nothing for my own socials which was I N F U R I A T I N G.  This was when I realised I hadn't been focusing on the most important thing in my life... and that's me!

After such a stressful January, I found myself feeling completely deflated and run down and I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to shake the stress away. But behold... incomes the email I've been waiting for (kinda waiting for as I didn't know it was coming), I had been invited along to a relaxing day at the Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf in Canary Wharf. Initially, I was close to tears that someone was nice enough to think of me when they were given the chance to treat someone else, but I was also heavily gassed that I was about to have the most relaxing day of my life. 

Before we even start this review, I have to tell you all about the stunning view that sits across from the Radisson. It's opposite the O2 Arena and the sun just shone through every window that the hotel had. There's nothing more perfect than a stunning view to go alongside a day at the spa!

Right, where were we? We started the day off with some Yoga by the wonderful Alec from aleclovelifeyoga.com, it was something I've never tried before but it was definitely something I would consider doing again. I used to be a ballet dancer and I also used to do a lot of gymnastics when I was younger, I'm a pretty flexi gal so it did work in my favour for the yoga class but, I realised that I've picked up a few nasty habits within my posture that I desperately need to fix. I mean, why wouldn't you want to do a bit of yoga every day when you have a view like that aye?

After an hour-long yoga session, I was left feeling relaxed, energised but also very hungry! The Radisson had prepared the most beautiful spread of sandwiches and cakes, it was literally the afternoon teas... of all afternoon teas. There were at least 5 different stands of delicious treats to snack on and each one was specifically made for a different dietary requirement. How good is that? A lot of my friends have dietary requirements like being gluten-free, lactose-free or by being vegetarian so it's nice to see an establishment such as the Radisson being able to cater to all of my gals. 

I think I slightly over-did it on the food front because my stomach literally tripled in size and I had floated into a food coma. The funny thing was, I didn't actually care that I looked 5 months pregnant with my food baby, I was too relaxed and too comfortable in the Radisson to give a damn about how I looked. This is what loving yourself is about, it's about having a good time and treating yourself with the people you love... and in our case, with some new found friends. 

After the cakes, the jam covered scones and the many giggles, it was time for us all to part ways and to receive a little taster treatment that the award-winning East River Spa had to offer. I always opt for a back massage as I have a lot of tension in my upper back, it's definitely down to sitting at my laptop editing and being out and about photographing bloggers. I'm not complaining because I love my job but the ache and pains in my back are becoming unbearable! 

This is the part of the day that I can't quite remember... I actually think I fell asleep whilst having my back massage and I mean, if that doesn't shout to the world that it was one of the most relaxing massages ever then I don't know what does! 

The East River Spa uses a large variety of Espa products and I'm not too sure on what she actually used on me but what I can say is, the smell was beyond beautiful. It had a hint of lavender to it, which is probably why I fell asleep right in the middle of it but I ain't complaining. The spa truly seemed to care about my needs in terms of the back massage, they wanted to know my stress levels and the pressure I would prefer (I like it painful lol) and they mainly focused on my shoulders as they understood that's where most of the tension resides. 

After my little nap, I made my way to the relaxation room where I found the other girls lounging around on the heated tiled beds (hella boujie right?). It truly was the perfect ending to the most perfect day, I must have laid there for about half an hour admiring the view and just thinking about how blessed I was to be invited along to something like this. It actually made me realise that I need to spend more time looking after myself, which is something I think I do quite often but now I know it's not often enough. Obviously, I can't splash out on spa days all the time but, just from laying down and having a bit of me time, I was able to relax and forget the stresses that I had going on at home. 

There are lots of ways for you to self-love and to treat yourself, whether that be by running yourself a hot bubble bath with some candles or by ordering your fave takeaway with all the side orders... there are multiple ways to give yourself that extra bit of lovin that you deserve. Looking after yourself is the first step to loving yourself and SpaSeekers made me realise that! February is obviously the month of love and even after the 14th, we're still reminded that we should be treating our loved ones but... This February, I'm being selfish and making it all about me, and you should too! 

What do you do to treat yourself? Let me know down in the comments! 



• F O L L O W 



Where on earth has the year gone? It legit feels as if I’ve blinked and the last twelve months have vanished before my eyes... oh well, that can only mean it’s time to bang out the Harry Potter boxset and to welcome the new year with a bang (staying in watching boxsets may not be your thing but this is definitely something I would rather do than go out out). 

Over the past week leading us up to the new year, my twitter and Instagram has gone crazy with threads of everyone’s 2017 highlights and when it came down to actually putting my own together, my mind went blank and I couldn’t pull any specific moments out that made my year. That could be because I have a new phone and zero pictures saved but, I still struggled to come up with at least 3 memories. 

I know this is a bit of a cliche but I keep thinking back to that Kylie Jenner meme where she said ‘this is the year of realising things’, 2017 for me has definitely been a weird one for me and I know deep down so many great things but negativity has certainly been a burden against me in the last few months. This is why I want to start 2018 with a positive attitude and I want to share my goals and hopes for the new year, let’s be done with the shitty attitude and kick this year in the ass. 

This one is a big one for me and if I’m being completely honest, it’s 80% unachievable. I know that you’re probably thinking that I hardly blog and I have zero chance of going freelance with the lack of effort that I put in but... I’m actually on about my photography work. I’ve been in my retail job for 4 years now and as much as I love everyone and I’ve had a ball there, it’s just my time to step away and move on. Obviously, I could just get another job and see how that goes but part of me is screaming out to take the risk and make my little photo taking adventure and make it into a career. Call me irresponsible and ridiculous but hey ho, not everything will work out and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have more than a few quiet months but I actually don’t care. It just means more time for me to spend on blogging and it may result in a new YouTube adventure... who knows! 

Pursuing photography has truly made me realise that I actually need to get out more, not just out of the house but actually out of bed. I had no motive other than work and uni for me to actually want to get out of bed and no joke, I spent days laying down and doing jack shit. It’s so unhealthy and my mental health suffered horrifically this year because I just saw no reason to move, uni finished and yeah, that was fab but I had no other reason to leave my house. I started doing blogger shoots really late on into the year but it gave me the motivation to get up, get dressed and get the fuck out! Shoving on some makeup and wearing clean clothes for an hours shoot was all I needed to make me feel as if I had some sort of purpose, the more shoots I did and the less time I spent in bed, the more I started to value my time and health a lot more. 

I started 2017 on a mission to reinvent myself. I started slimming world in hopes of losing a tonne of weight and having that perfect bikini body that every girl wishes for, it was one of the hardest but one of the easiest things I've ever done and I know that makes absolutely no sense but hold up, let me explain. I ate a lot of shit, I would have two chocolate croissants for breakfast, KFC for lunch and Dominos for pizza and I had to cut all of that out. It wasn't hard to cut the food out because I had made myself so unhappy with my appearance that I didn't mind cutting out the foods I liked to get the body I would (hopefully) love. The difficult part was when I lost the weight, I lost over 2 and a half stone and I felt amazing and my clothes actually started to fit me again but, I still wasn't happy. I then realised that I had more of an issue with who I was than I did my weight. I want 2018 to be the year that I focus on myself and myself only, I want to finish 2018 knowing exactly who I am, where I want to go and where I want to be. Whether that be treating myself to spa days and days out or just a cheeky 2-hour hot bath with some Netflix (is that too long to spend in the bath?), I want 2018 just to be about me, myself and I and I want to learn to sorta, kinda love myself! 

I think this something I'm definitely hoping that I'll start and hopefully stick to this year. Like I said earlier, I'm hoping to quit my job and go freelance at the end of Jan/Feb and this will mean that I'll have a shit tonne of time on my hands. I have a lot of time on my hands anyway with only being part-time at work and my schedule being completely sporadic, but I never utilised the time efficiently and I became lazy. I'm hoping (praying) that I start using those treasured days off to actually start doing more productive things like writing blog posts or maybe starting my own youtube channel. It's a lot to hope for or even ask of myself given that 2017 has been a pretty lazy year for me but, I'm gonna give myself that kick up the bum that I deserve and just try and smash it... pray 4 me plz n thnk u. I'll leave my bloglovin and youtube link here and here so you can go over and share the love and I'll maybe start producing more content in 2018,

I think it's nice to have a few goals set out that you want to achieve in the new year but please don't become obsessed with them, there's always the chance that certain things might not happen and it can be totally disheartening when things go pear-shaped. I know I'm one to give up on a goal completely if it doesn't happen as I planned it and it can put me in the most negative mindset. Just go with the flow guys and embrace the opportunities that come your way this year because if you don't, you'll end up like me and staying in bed, bored shitless for the entire year.




• F O L L O W 


It feels a bit weird to be writing about underwear as it's bloody freezing at the moment so the thought of stripping down to my intimates gives me goosebumps. Don't worry, you won't be seeing me in my birthday suit but you definitely will be seeing a sneak peek of some beautiful pieces from Ann Summers and you may even find out how to grab yourself your own cheeky discount somewhere in this post *wink face*.

If you know me on a personal level, you would know that my taste in underwear is questionable. I go for comfort over style and let's be honest... I haven't got anyone to show it off to so why should I dress for someone else you know? Ok, so that's enough about my sad and lonely love life lets move on. When UNiDAYS contacted me a few weeks ago about embracing their amazing student discounts with Ann Summers, I thought it would be the perfect time to experiment a bit and be a bit more 'adventurous' with my underwear.

I feel like the whole trend of wearing bodysuits has been around for the longest time but I never really fell for the hype, I never felt comfortable in them as I was on the heavier side a while back and I never really thought it was appropriate to wear them to work (as that is the only thing I left my house for). However, since I've started blogging the need for new outfits has become a regular thing for me as I've started attending more events and I'm actually attempting to be a bit more trendy for the gram. I picked out the most stunning bodysuit from Ann Summers to hopefully wear out out or to spice up a casual everyday outfit.

I chose the Venusualia bodysuit which is just your simple, practical piece of clothing that you can legit wear with anything. For a girl who has quite simple pieces in her wardrobe, I've never owned anything this versatile that I can legit just throw on with a pair of jeans and just exit the building. It's also ridiculously comfortable which is weird for a bodysuit because I always find them a bit ill-fitting around the bust or around the hips.

It got this beautiful lace edging around the bust an down the centre of the body, it also has these little straps that sit in between your cleavage which makes the plunging neckline a bit more flattering. My bust size is a 34b and my bottoms are size 10 and I went for a size medium. I would say that the sizing was rather spot on but I do have a slightly bigger bum than my chest so it was a bit tight around the hips and a bit looser around the boob department. Overall, the quality of the bodysuit is on another level but I would definitely look at the size guide before you make your purchase.

The bodysuit retails for £32.00 but with your UNiDAYS discount, you can get it for £28.80.

The Castra plunge bra and the thong was the next set to catch my eye. I find thongs to be the most comfortable and most flattering on my body type and they're always a great choice for events or a night out so you don't have that VPL. The lace detailing on this set is stunning, it's dainty, elegant and just makes you feel that little bit sexier when you're wearing it. The bra is a plunge bra which seems a bit silly for me to get as I would consider my boobs to be big enough to achieve that natural cleavage but, I chose it because you can actually remove the inserts from inside the bra. The bra has lace all over the cups and along the trim, it also has two straps underneath the bust which just gives it that added bit of glamour.

I'm really judgy with the thongs that I buy because they can either be the most uncomfortable things on earth or they can literally be so perfectly fitting that it feels like you're wearing nothing. The Castra thong is completely meshed on the bum area so it's nice and soft on the skin and the band is thick enough to not give you that wedgie feeling. The front of the thong also has that beautiful lace detailing like the bra does. The one thing I love about Ann Summers is that it allows you to pick the sizes of each piece separately instead of getting a bra and knicker set in one particular size. They also cater to all shapes and sizes, the bra sizes can go up to a H cup and the pants go all the way up to a size 24. Literally, everyone can shop here and the styles and quality of the products don't differ between sizes.

The bra and thong set retails for £50 but with your UNiDAYS discount, you can get it for £45.

If you're a student (attending uni or college) you are entitled to a tonne of student discounts, this was something I wasn't aware of when I was entering the world of higher education and in all honesty I had no idea how I was going to save money and live when I was living off of my student loan. I wanted to be able to afford nice things and create memories with friends without having to worry about money and without my UNiDAYS student discounts, I don't think I would have been able to do any of that in the last 5 years. You can sign up for UNiDAYS online here and you can also download their app on your apple or android devices to be able to access all of their amazing offers on the go. It's free to do so and will save you a hella lot of money in the long run.



• F O L L O W 


I feel like my blog content has mainly been about skincare these days, not that it's a bad thing but how much is too much you know? I mean, let's just be happy that I'm finally looking after my skin and ditching the makeup wipes life. This skincare post is entirely dedicated to my babe's at Palmers, Palmers is most famous for being the best damn smelling brand in the beauty industry (in my opinion). Everything just smells like cocoa butter and if it was edible I certainly wouldn't be using it for my face if you know what I mean...  the lovely Corene from Fuel Pr emailed me a few weeks back asking if I wanted to test out a few of their new skincare bits and of course I had to say yes. I actually had no idea that they even made skin care, I've tried their shampoos, tanning lotions and body creams but never in my life, have I seen any skin care items from them... so I'm pretty gassed if you can't already tell.

They sent me three products, the Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil, Micro Fine Exfoliating Facial Scrub and the Coconut Oil Body Lotion. I've never tried a cleansing oil before and if I'm honest, I have oily skin so I really wasn't expecting much from this product, the scrub, on the other hand, is a product I definitely knew I would love because the texture of it is something I've never seen before. The texture of the product is kind of rough and my first impressions of the product was that it was going to be way too rough for my skin but, it's that kind of product that you can actually feel working away on your skin (in a good and pleasing way). 

It looked as if it had tiny little microbeads in it but when I did a bit of research on the product, I found out that the beads are actually crushed walnut shells! No wonder the product felt a bit rough (rough in a good way) and I'm totally fine with that because it's so much better for the environment. The product claims that it's gentle enough to use 2,3 or more times a week and I have to admit, I did question that at first but honestly, it's so gentle on your skin and it actually exfoliates your skin, unlike other scrubs I've tried in the past. I have oily skin but the actual feel of it is incredibly dry, the exfoliating scrub has literally brought my skin back to life and if you could feel my face right now you would know that it's softer than a babies bum and my dry patches have literally disappeared. 

If you want to read more about the Palmers Exfoliating Scrub then click here

Right, back to the oil. I LOVE this... no joke it's honestly something I was hesitant to try but my skin has never looked better. It's one of those oils that you use to take your makeup off at the end of the day and you get so much of it (192ml to be precise). I use it as an actual cleanser for when I wake up in the morning and I've also used it to remove my foundation, I haven't applied it around my eyes as it slightly scares me a little that I might rub my eyes too hard and end up blind. It does say that it removes eye makeup so if you're braver than me and you're looking for an eye makeup remover, this product is definitely for you! 

 I thought that as it is an oil, that it wouldn't be quite right for my skin type but in the few weeks that I've been using this product, my skin feels more hydrated than oily and my skin doesn't feel so much like sandpaper anymore. I used to have these dry patches on my chin and my under eyes and I was using a lot of matte products and a tonne of powders to combat my oily skin, I think this completely dried my skin out  (as well as not drinking a lot of water) and I've noticed such a difference by using this oil. 

It has 8 pure oils, Argan Oil, Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Soybean Oil and Grape Seed Oil and botanicals. Now, I have absolutely no idea what any of this actually means but all I know is that my skin feels so smooth and soft that I'm definitely not complaining and I would 100% buy this again. It's also free of parabens, phthalates and dyes and caters to all skin types which is fab! I use around 3 pumps on my face and I just rub it into my skin for a few minutes and then I rinse it off with some water and, voila! Clean, fresh and silky smooth skin. 

If you want to try out the Palmer Facial Cleansing Oil (which you should) then click here

I must admit, I'm not the best when it comes to looking after my skin. The body cream they sent me is coconut based and I'm not the biggest fan of the smell (if you like coconut you will love this) so I haven't reached for it as much as I thought I would. However, despite the smell the product makes my skin super smooth and soft, I don't really have a lot of hair on my arms or legs so it kind of bothers me that they're not the softest things in the world. When I have used it, my skin feels so soft and the consistency of the product is quite thick so you don't really need a lot of it, it's the perfect product to apply onto your skin at night or straight after a bath so you can wake up with super soft skin.

If you love body creams and coconut, you should try out the Palmers Coconut Formula Body Lotion... which you can find here
Have you tried any skincare bits from Palmers? Let me know down below!


• F O L L O W 

Instagram has definitely got to be one of the most frustrating apps I've ever come across in my life, that could possibly be me just being dramatic but I think if I was to speak for the entire blogosphere, they would all agree with me.  However, frustration aside, Instagram is a great app to share my blog images and more recently, it's sort of becoming my photography portfolio. By no means am I photographer, in fact, I'm nowhere near calling myself a photographer because in all honesty I just turn my camera on, click a button and hope for the best! I don't use those fancy editing software like photoshop because I'm just so basic and it's bloody confusing, I literally use the free apps you can find in the app store and the apps you probably have in your photography folder on your phone. I have, however, recently just purchased Lightroom so if a Lightroom tutorial sounds more up your street then let me know down in the comments. 

The majority of the images on my insta are taken with the Canon 70d with a 40mm lens, this honestly is just my preference for my insta theme (I wouldn't call it a theme, more of a style & colour choice) to look consistent in quality. To be completely honest with you, you can literally take similar quality photos on your iPhone using the portrait mode if you have it. Right, so bear with me because I do sometimes edit my pictures in a particular order, I'll post a before and after picture so you can sort of get an idea of the way I edit my pictures

So, to start off with, I use the app Snapseed and the majority of the editing goes down in this app. It's a free app that you can download from the apple app store and it's honestly a life saver and so simple to use. For the image above, you can see the image is looking a little dull and flat and you can see a cheeky little Twix rapper chilling on the floor there... totally not ideal but you have to deal with these kinds of things when you're shooting. Once you open an image in snapseed and start editing, you'll be shown a vast amount of filters, so obviously, everything is down to personal preference but I really enjoy manually editing my pictures and I feel that the filters on snapseed make the images some look unrealistic or over edited. If you head over to the tools section you will find a large menu of editing features and it's pretty intimidating but I legit only use a few of the features.

 I've highlighted the features that I use for practically all of my images in yellow and the ones I sometimes use in blue, I should possibly go into more detail about each setting but that would be an awfully long post so I'll just go through the features I used for this image. I started off by using the 'tune image' feature, this basically controls the brightness, contrast, highlights, lowlights, saturation and warmth. Every image is different so each setting will be set on different levels but for this image, the brightness is set to +10, contrast is set to +20, saturation is set to +8 and the highlights are set to +76. Of course, depending on the image your settings may be different but I normally just have a play around with the settings until I'm happy with how it's all looking.

The details tool controls the sharpness and the structure of the image, I have absolutely no idea on what 'structure' actually means or what it does but for this image, the setting is on +7. I think it defines the entire image and makes the textures of the walls and the clothes stand out, I mainly wanted this setting to stand out on the girls instead of the background as I will be editing that part later on.

The healing tool will be your best friend or your worst enemy, in the original image you can see that there is a Twix packet on the floor and that was a pain in the bum to edit out. I use the healing tool on snapseed to sort of photoshop it out, it took a lot of time and a few attempts but I think I did a pretty good job at removing it. You basically have to draw over the areas you want to 'heal' or remove and I would recommend doing it in small pieces instead of just swiping over the entire thing. 

The second app that I love to use is face tune 2, everyone loves a bit of face tune don't they? Don't worry, I don't blur out anyone's skin (except my own) or fiddle around with changing the shape of my model's bodies. I only really use it to whiten, sharpen and to defocus the image, I know defocusing the image seems a bit pointless as I've just sharpened it but I've only started using this setting recently on backgrounds. I shoot with the 40mm lens and I have to stand quite far away to get a full-length shot so to get that nice blur on the background is pretty difficult. The 40mm is really good for close-up beauty shoots as the blurring effect is brilliant but, for outfit shots... not so much. 

I use the defocus tool on the lowest setting or maybe +2 or +3. Be very careful if you choose to do this because the higher the setting, the more ridiculous the blur begins to get, you also have to colour in with your fingers on the bits that you want to blur. If you're taking pictures of products or people and you choose to use this setting, make sure you go around the outline of the subject you want to stay sharp with the eraser tool. This is so the blur looks more like you've shot with a super snazzy and background blurring lens and not botched up the editing. It also makes the subject stand out and pop in the image... am I making sense? Please let me know down in the comments if I'm not lol.

Finally, it's nearly over folks... I use VSCO for every photo I take. Filters might not be for some people but I only use them a teeny bit, For this image, I used the filter A6 and you can go in and adjust the intensity of the filter. This is entirely down to your personal preference but I just like the effect that the VSCO filters give to my images and it doesn't really affect the quality of the overall image. I chose to use the A6 filter as it made the dark areas of the image (brick wall, the girl's hair, Kirby's trousers and Megan's boots) really deep and the highlights (windows, skin. I also feel like it's made the red undertones in the image really stand out and I loved the look of that for a slight theme change on insta. 

I hope this has been informative and a little insight into the way I edit my Instagram images. Like I said, I'm no professional but I'm doing more and more shoots these days and I'm learning so much from every single one. Hopefully, if I'm still taking photos by next year, I will have an updated blog post for you guys and we can all see how much change there is between editing and photo styles. 


• F O L L O W 


I know this post may seem a bit late but ever since my birthday (August 31st btw) I've been so busy! I haven't really had a chance to stop and chill out but I really wanted to get this post written asap rocky, Work has been so busy and I've actually started doing blogger shoots properly now so I've been up and down to London in the last few weeks! 

My birthday has always been one of those events that my parents dread, only because I would start writing my birthday list literally straight after Christmas and all of the Argos catalogs would be covered in circles and bright pink glittery gel pen! As I've got older (and maybe a bit wiser), my birthday is just another day in the year and I don't really tend to celebrate much. However, this year is one of those 'important' years where I actually turn 21! I tend to not ask for much for my birthday as I only want a nice family meal but, this year my parents and other family members went all cray cray and spoiled me rotten. Of course, I have to say, whatever you may read in this post I am honestly not gloating or boasting... is gloating the right word? I just wanted to share my beautiful and weird gifts with you guys! 

Pandora Ring, Earrings & Charm
I'm really not a jewelry person like I love jewelry but I'm not one to wear it. I just don't want to lose it or break it so I tend to wear your 8 pack of earrings from Claire's because if I lose it, it's easily replaced. My godmother bought me the prettiest Pandora ring for my tiny little finger and I don't think I've taken it off since (apart from taking this picture obvs). It's got little silver hearts going around the band and it even has a gold heart mixed in among them, I never really thought about mixing your metals but it's deffo a thing and I'm living for it! There's something about rings and bracelets that make me feel more fluid, do you know what I mean? Like, you know that feeling of when you get your nails done and you feel like a goddess who could be apart of the pussycat dolls! I just feel more angelic and as if I have pretty dainty hands which I definitely do not. If you're thinking of looking at a Pandora ring for a gift for someone or for yourself, then definitely check out the sizing as I legit had to have the smallest size and it still doesn't fit one of my fingers properly. 

Can you tell jewelry was the running theme for gifts this year? I ain't complaining though, I have 7 ear piercings in total and I legit never change them. I just don't see the point in changing them because I'm just not your fussy type of gal you know, and tbh I only own 7 lots of earrings so I don't really have a choice! My Aunt gifted me a stunning pair of square-shaped diamante earrings from Pandora, they were much bigger than I was used to wearing but I didn't care! I'm honestly in love with them and they're so eye-catching, I've had so many compliments on them and that honestly never happens so these bad boys will be chilling in there for the foreseeable future... 

There's a bit of a story behind this bracelet, my mum had originally bought me a Tiffany bracelet! The bracelet itself was stunning, it was dainty and delicate and everything about it, I loved. However, the longer I wore it the more cautious I was being about flinging it around, I was too scared to wear it. The bracelet itself was ridiculously expensive and my mum told me to return it because I wouldn't wear it because it was so dainty, I agreed with her so we went to Tiffany in hopes to do an exchange. 

So, to cut a long story short... We told the lady at Tiffany that we wanted an exchange and she legit looked me and my mum up and down with a bitch face on. Bare in mind I'm a common gal who doesn't really pronounce her T's & Q's, so she probs was looking at me disgust or whatever you want to call it. She then went on to say that I was making a big mistake, I would never find anything better than Tiffany and basically said that any other brand of jewelry is crap compared to Tiffany. My mum and I were in shock and instead of asking for an exchange, we asked for a refund and my mum told her she would be taking her money elsewhere (LOL GO ON SHE SHE). Let's just say the woman had more of a bitchface going on now and was probably happy that we left! So... instead, I decided to purchase a stunning bangle from Monica Vinader and I'm honest to God in love with it. It's a weird and quirky looking bracelet but it was the perfect size for me to not worry about it so much and the shape of it truly had me head over heels! I've got my eyes on the rose gold bangle to go alongside this one so you may be seeing that on my Instagram very soon... 

My cousin knows me so well, I'm just a makeup whore and I'm perfectly ok with that and my family have come to terms with who I am so it's all good. I haven't had a Naked Palette in my possession for years, I did, in fact, own all of them at one point but my mother threw them away by accident so I was paletteless and have been ever since. The Naked Heat Palette is gorgeous, isn't it? I had only ever seen pictures of it online but in person, the colours are STUNNING! Red tones, bronze shades, and rose golds are legit all I wear on my eyes when I do a full face of glam and in this one palette, I have everything I need. I haven't played around with it yet as I have to take pictures of it first (blogger lyfe init) but I can't wait to dip my brush in and create some smokey, red-hot looks with it. 

Tickets to Aladdin & Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
I'm a theatre junkie, I've seen Wicked 7 times and I see the Lion King every year. The theatre is in my blood and my mum was such a babe and got me tickets to see Aladdin and the Harry Potter show in the West End, I was so gassed guys you have no idea. Aladdin was sick, I cannot explain to you how happy it made me! The show was bright, fun and had me in fits of laughter near enough the whole way through, my mum even enjoyed it and she hates Disney (I know, such a disappointment). 

Harry Potter was something else, I was a bit concerned because I'm a true Hazza p fan through and through so when the film series stopped, I wasn't really interested in the story being pulled apart by sequels, prequels or spin-offs. I haven't read the book for the play but I've heard it's good and the show didn't disappoint. I don't want to ruin anything for you as the whole point of the show is to #keepthesecret but it was a long day as it's two, 2 hour long shows in one day. The storyline was fab and unexpected and it was great to see all of my favorite characters again, Snape was in it and I think Alan would be proud of his portrayal in the play. Overall, both plays were a great gift and I was so bloody grateful to be treated to both for my birthday. 

I kind of have this obsession with Llamas... alpacas too. I even went to a llama farm last year and I was seriously considering becoming a llama farmer just to chill with the llamas. My brother got me a rainbow llama and I mean, I was over the moon when it came through the door because I know exactly what it was! It literally came in the post in the shape of a llama... I know I'm 21 and I should've really passed the cuddly toy stage by now but, I don't give a damn because it's a rainbow llama and it makes me happy so, who cares!

So... that was my birthday haul guys! I'm not sure if people really care about what I got but I love to read these kinds of posts, just because it gives me an idea of what I can buy for others and in all honesty, I'm just a nosey parker who is just curious to see other peoples gifts.

Have you seen anything in this haul that you may ask for your own birthday? If so, everything is linked. Make sure you let me know down below if you like these kinds of posts and tell me what you got for your birthday this year! 

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If you know me on a personal level then you will know that I'm the gal who has watched every single crime drama going, I also know all of the names and ages of all the cast members in every series I have ever watched. Some may call me a know it all but I like to think of myself as a walking/talking IMDB and I'm perfectly ok with that. In all seriousness though, since my last post on my favorite tv series (you can read it here) I actually think I've watched every television series Netflix has to offer, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, that's entirely down to your judgment. 

TV series actually mean a lot more to me than a normal person and it feels quite weird saying that but I love looking forward to a new episode each week and I love the storylines they produce. I'm just a sucker for the drama of it all and I find the behind the scenes facts and trivia to be my absolute fave thing to research. Please if you're like me, then message me and tell me I'm not alone...

* This post is in collaboration with Panasonic for their release of their Panasonic UHD 4K TV. Click here to check them out.*

I'm just going to kick this post off with one of my most loved series at the moment. Chicago Fire is based in Chicago (obvs) and it follows a brigade of firemen (also obvs) fighting fires and just being total badasses. I know what you're thinking, I had you at firefighters didn't I? Of course, it's great to watch from that aspect but the storylines are just so gripping and actually interesting, I've watched some crime dramas in the past that were so simple to work out and I've actually been bored by a few of them. I dunno if you would call it a crime drama but it's structure it practically the same, it's just a different take on it and I think that's what I love the most. There was an episode about one of the female paramedics becoming a firefighter, one of the men was expressing how men are stronger than women... blah blah blah and let's just say that they totally tackled the discussion brilliantly and women firefighters are totally a thing and I'm loving it. 

I know I know, I mentioned Orphan Black in my last post but I'm not gonna lie to you guys, this series has got to be the best damn thing I've ever watched and I've watched a lot, some things twice over. It's only recently released it's final ever episode and their last season honestly had me in tears. When I describe the series plot to other people they legit look at me as if I have like 8 heads or something because it does sound bizarre but if you're into the sci-fi genre and you like weird and thought provoking things then this series is perfect for you. If you've already watched it then please leave a comment down below on your favorite sestra is and why! If you want to know more about the series this please check out my last post here.

This bad boy isn't on Netflix but I was able to stream it online and oh ma dayz... There are 7 episodes of just pure brilliantness. If I had to compare it to anything else it would have to be an American version of Broadchurch but with Oscar nominated actresses and a brilliant ending that will make you wee with excitement. It stars Nicole Kidman, Alexander Skarsgard, Reece Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley and if that's not enough to convince you then you're like super weird ok... like who doesn't love the sound of that cast? I can't really explain the story line to you because one small detail could ruin it for you and I'm not that gal ok but, what I will say is that it focuses on normal people, normal families but it all focuses on a murder... you go through the series not knowing who's been murdered, why they've been murdered or who the murderer is. You're practically a detective whilst watching this series which is what I loved the most about it, it makes you think and I came up with so many theories about who the victim and the murder was and then when it came down to the ending... I was shook.

Gotham is a bit of a weird one, it's definitely something I wasn't expecting to like if I'm keeping it real with you. It follows a very young Bruce Wayne in the aftermath of the murder of his parents but, the main character isn't even young Batman over here, it's James Gordon (The detective that Gary Oldman plays in the Batman films). The cast is bloody brilliant, Jada Pinkett Smith is in it and I'm living for her character in this series, It does sound like a strange concept for a television series but, it just gives you a better understanding of how Bruce Wayne became Batman. It has a very Tim Burton feel to it and it's also set in modern day which I really like. I'm a massive fan of the DC comic books so when I watched this, I was literally so gassed to see how all of my favorite characters like the Riddler, Cat Women and Penguin became who they are. Omg... they also introduce a young teenage Joker and coming from an ex-performing arts student, I was shook by his acting and his portrayal of the Joker. It's legit everything I imagine the Joker to be and is possibly my favorite portrayal of the Joker... ever.

Even though I included a series that I mentioned in my last post, this was so hard! I've watched hundreds of television series and to only pick a couple was a big challenge to me, I hope you like the sound of my fave series picks for August and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them down in the comments below.

What's your favorite TV show? I'm always looking for new ones to watch.

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