Oh it's Sare

I think it's fair to say that as human beings, we have a lot of shit to deal with throughout our lives. The most consistent things seem to be death, heartbreak or something so simple like the emails we get from Prince whats-his-name waiting to send you a bajillion dollars because you are the CHOSEN ONE... it's all the same shit.

My one particular issue that we all go through is called being single, yeah I know, woe is me. I know, being single is such a miniscule thing that everyone and their dogs go through but it's something that I actually have a massive issue with. I'm just going to slow it down a bit for a few people, this is not a blog post dedicated to all the men out there telling them that I'm super desperate for love, affection and the occasional day trip to the llama farm (ok, I'm pretty desperate for the trip to the llama farm but that's not the point).

The main issue that I face with being single is all the patronising and segregated situations that comes with it. Don't get it twisted, It's not like I'm desperate for love - in fact, I'm pretty happy with being on my own but there are a few things that irk me beyond belief about the way I've been treated because I'm single. This post is for my single gals out there who are segregated, pushed a side and constantly patronised for our 'lifestyle' ( cue eye roll). 


Being the single one amongst your friends isn't a hard thing to deal with because it's not something I choose to focus on but, it does open up the topic of conversation of my love life. Obvs it's great to talk about these things as it can be a quite interesting conversation because 9 times out of 10, it's just pure gossip and who doesn't love gossip right? However, when it gets deep or when I'm introduced to new people, I have on the odd occasion been asked about my sexuality.

Because I'm single and I'm not sleeping around it must mean that I'm gay, surely? No babes. It's not like the question just blurts out of their mouths because they can't help themselves but people feel the need to ask because they think in some way, they're helping (cue obligatory eye roll here). Honest to god, this was said to me and I was like, helping with what hun? Coming out of the closet? Oh, behave.

I'm single and that's totally normal and ok so, I have no idea where people get this 'they're single so they must be unhappy/gay/lonely' mentality. It's pure ignorance and if you've ever wanted to ask me this question, don't. It's rude and in my opinion, whether I'm gay, straight, blue or green, it doesn't matter what my 'preference' is because if I'm happy and content with my life - single or in a relationship - then it surely doesn't matter?


I remember when I was a bit younger, around 18 years old when I was having a catch up with a friend and the topic of relationships came up, as it normally does. The conversation ended up pretty heated because they had asked me if I was scared that I will never get married. I was pretty taken back by that question to be honest with you because 1.why would I even be thinking of marriage at the age of 18 and 2. why does being single mean I'm on this doomed warpath of loneliness with the threat of also becoming a spinster? The conversation at this point went completely south and the possibility of having children was also brought up... 'Surely, if you leave it too long or don't find anybody, you won't be able to have children or you'll be like, a really old mum'. 

Your point is babe? 

Being single (especially at my young and immature age) isn't going to stop me from having any of those things. In fact, my mum didn't push me out until she was 38 and shes now 60 so... is being an old mum a bad thing? Nah. The marriage thing doesn't really bother me tbh, I'm not that girl who has a wedding album in their closet or who have had their dream day planned out since they were 2 so, if it doesn't happen then whatever init. 

People are allowed to have their opinions (even if they are completely dumb opinions but whatever) but I feel like I get judged and slightly pushed aside because I'm not in a relationship. It's almost as if I have to force relationships in order to fit in with my friends or to be included in conversations. I can't tell you how many times I've been excluded from couples trips to the pub or purposely pushed out of conversations because I apparently don't relate to relationship life. Don't get me wrong, it's not done on purpose and when I tell my friends how I feel, they're incredibly apologetic. However, it's one of those things that truly get me down because in some way I just feel like an alien and somewhat a burden.


If I'm having a bit of a down day about my singleness, I do tend to turn to my friends for advice or words of encouragement because that's what they're there for right? They're there to convince me that I'm pretty and that I'm not this horrible looking blob that's incapable of finding someone to put up with me. But, we have got to stop giving out the same cliche advice and words of wisdom to the single girls because it's actually not advice at all, it's patronising little sentences that we all say to people when we have no idea what to say. It's terms like 'don't worry, you'll find someone soon - just give it time' or 'the right guy will come around when you least expect it' that really grinds my gears. Yes, they sound helpful and totally uplifting but in my opinion, they make me feel 100x worse. 

Yes, I know that's pretty controversial but these classic phrases are to me, pretty patronising and they have no meaning behind it. They're mostly said by those that have been in a relationship since they left the womb or by people who actually couldn't give a toss about your relationship worries. It's also one of those things to say when you don't really know what else to say, it's a bit of a conversation finisher for me personally as all it says to me is that my friend can't help me or that she doesn't care. 

Let me tell you whats wrong with it... I don't want to be told that I have to wait for the right person to come along because I have waited, I've waited, waited and waited my whole life and I've had no success. It's like waiting in the Mcdonalds queue waiting for my order to be taken but I never get to the till, I then start to wonder if I'm ever gonna get my Big Mac meal with an apple pie on the side... you get me? 


Listen honeys, I'm incredibly chill with being single. I just have an issue with others attitudes towards it but, what can I do? I know I said that this post was for my single gals but really, it's for everyone. I want this post to tell all the single people out there that it's ok to be on your own but I also want to encourage those who may be in a relationship or trying to help a single friend out, that you just gotta  treat your friends with the same attitude and sympathy that would any other person. Pretty standard and simple right?


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*The POLKA DOT DRESS from TOBI was kindly gifted to me, this post does NOT contain affiliate links*


Do you remember the good old days where blogging was all about getting that perfect flatlay?

Bloggers were behind the camera instead of being in front of it and fashion blogging was about laying your clothes out nicely on your white bed sheets instead of actually wearing them. Times have changed and the blogosphere is moving at a quick pace. Am I mad? No. Am I jealous that my content isn't quite up to standard anymore? Yes. 

When I first started blogging, I had no intention of putting my face out there whatsoever. I was so scared that everyone from my childhood would be talking smack about me or passing around my posts in return for a few bitchy comments and a few giggles. I just cared too much about what people thought of me, which is so stupid now that I think about it because I haven't seen my 'school friends' for around 5 years and they mean absolutely nothing to me. But back then, it was kinda a big deal.

This year, I wanted to change my attitude towards Instagram and my blog. I want to embrace my own sense of style and I want to start showcasing that on my socials. I'm no 5* fashion blogger huns and I don't have the time or money to be hopping off to every flower wall in London but, I got to move with the times and catch up with the rest of all the boss ladies out there if I want to take this blogging malarky seriously.

But, to take it seriously do I need to fake it till I make it and change how I run my everyday life?

I read this amazing post by the beaut Helen from thelovecatsinc.com, she explained the importance of owning certain staple pieces in your wardrobe that you can always turn to when you're having that cliche crisis of 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR'. Helen was totally right, I need those ride or die items to help me get by for any occasion so there's me, blowing away the dust on my bank card and I was ready to spend a coin or two on these key staples. Smart right? Nope, I literally had everything I needed in my own bloody wardrobe... I was just too stupid to put them all together to make a look.

Just for reference, Helen's post was fab and it was in no way pushing her viewers to go out and buy buy buy. The post actually helped me to pick out my simple items and to pair it with the pieces that sit at the back of the wardrobe, you can find it here.



I have the pleasure of being friends with some awesome bloggers gals who I get to meet up with from time to time and they're more than happy to take a few outfit snaps for me. There is nothing wrong with this and there's also nothing wrong with hiring a photographer to shoot you for an upcoming post. However, what happens when you run out of things to post? If you don't have any more pics to share from that photoshoot you had, what are you now going to post on Instagram?

This is where I think the pressure of staying relevant and being 'instagrammable' takes hold of me to be quite honest with you, there's so much pressure to be camera ready every minute of every day and I just can't hack it. I can't get up every morning to curl my hair and I don't have the latest pieces from the new-in section to change into, I honestly don't have the time or money to keep updating my wardrobe so I can post an affiliate link or two. 

What baffles me the most is that I see bloggers ordering £500 worth of clothes from Asos to shoot in or do your obligatory 'I SPENT THIS MUCH ON THIS STUFF' video on the old youtube then, (it doesn't stop their kids) they return it when they're done with it and still earn money from the affiliate links... obvs please correct me if you think I'm wrong but it just seems so fake. It's also highly unrealistic and if you've ever seen the film Keeping Up With The Jonses, then you will know that promoting this kind of lifestyle doesn't go down well. I also see bloggers selling on their PR gifts after they've popped it on the gram, does that scream genuine review to you? 

This is, in my opinion, damaging the industry, it's discrediting the bloggers that promote the products or the clothes that they genuinely love and it makes us bloggers seem untrustworthy. Don't get me wrong, you gotta earn the dollar and you gotta have the content but maybe just think before you reply to that PR email, would I actually use this and love it? 

The point is, don't be stressed out that you haven't got new in pieces from PLT or you can't afford the £7 miniature cupcake from Peggy Porschens. If you don't have the time or money then that's ok, use what you have in the wardrobe already and make sure you take 1000 pics when you next leave the house. Please, please don't think that I'm in any way bashing this lifestyle or type of content because for some people, it's their everyday lives and that's how they choose to showcase it but, as a viewer, we should not let this dampen our spirits and put a downer on our own content. You're doing your best and you're doing great sweetie!

I think it's important to grow as a creative, to experiment with our images and our writing. Just make sure to stay genuine to yourself instead of your social media handle... it's all about finding your own style instead of following the 'lives' of others.

(All pictures in this post were shot by my gyal, Megan McCoig)



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In my two years of blogging, I never thought that I would be dipping my toe into fashion blogging. I just thought that I would start and to continue to produce beauty reviews, pretty flatlays and the once in a blue moon lifestyle posts but, a lot has changed since I started Ohitssare.com. I started blogging whilst I was studying makeup for tv & film at uni and at the time, that's all I was interested in. I didn't really care much for clothes, what I wore or how I looked... I mean, as long as my face was beat that's all that mattered.

However, as uni was coming to a close, so was my interest in makeup. Don't get me wrong, I still love makeup and the classic beauty post but I no longer have a desire to work in the makeup industry. I really started to hate my degree towards the end of it and in all honesty, it was down to shitty career prospects and toxic m8s. That's when my love for photography started brewing. I didn't have the money for a photographer so I would shoot my own looks for my assignments, of course, my skills were absolute pants when I first started but with time and a lot of practice, I got a bit better... in my opinion

I would work with paid models who knew exactly what they were doing, they would change pose with a click of the shutter and my job was quite easy but, I would also shoot Tina from the front desk who politely stepped in when models decided not to turn up. The point is, I work with a variety of people and I thought that with the skills that I've learnt in the past year, I could put them into action for my own content. Oh, how wrong was I!

You would've thought that I would have some sort of idea on how to do this fashion blogging thing from shooting fashion bloggers for the past year. Nah bbz, when I jumped in front of the camera for this shoot I legit felt like a toad. I had no idea of how to place my camera, what angle would suit me best and when it came to letting others shoot me, I would freeze. I had no idea what suited me or how to be 'candid'... ugh soz guys but the word candid does my nut in.

You have got to be super talented to just be candid on queue, in my opinion, it's all about capturing that moment when the model or yourself is least expecting it. It's about capturing you mid-laugh or mid-hair flick, they're the kind of photos I love the most as they're natural and really show the personality of the blogger. I've shot people in the past and they can do it with a click of a finger but me, I literally look like that meme of that Chloe girl getting told she's going to Disneyland... if you know, you know.

But this is what this post is about. I want to show you guys how I got over the awkwardness of posing for my very own photos and what my top tips are to get that perfect shot to give your content the boost it needs.

Bring a friend

If you have the funds to hire a photographer then go for it. They're there to do the majority of the work and like I said, they're there to help you out with the posing. However, I know that hiring a complete stranger to take your picture can be somewhat intimidating so maybe, just to ease yourself into it, bring a friend! You're supposed to feel relaxed and comfortable with your friends so if you tell them what type of images you want (full length, headshots or detailed shots), you can just have a laugh and a mess around. You will get some goofy shots I'm sure but through the 309 shots that you take, there will always be around 10/20 shots that you can use. BTW... many thanks to my girl Megan McCoig for taking my pictures for this post, she's my friend and made me feel so at ease... get yourself a Megan kids.

Lift those arms boo boo! 

If there's one thing that I've started noticing when shooting bloggers, the best pictures are always the ones with some movement. If you're gonna stand like a pencil and not move, you'll end up with the same shot over and over again and there won't be any variation in the images. You want to have tonnes of pictures you can post on the gram when you're having one those duvet days and you're waiting for your tuna pasta to cook. You know what I mean? Give yourself a shake and move yo body gurl.

Don't go OTT though, everyone loves a walking shot but my camera doesn't have a great continuous shooting setting so I get my girls to do a few fake steps. By stepping backwards and forwards a few steps, it gives the illusion that they're walking and they're on a mission - this is a great opportunity to work on those angels, detailed shots and to get those candid pics that everyone loves! Another trick that I see my bae Holly from do, she lifts her arms. I know it sounds bit weird to just lift your arms but, you can do that by putting on your sunglasses, swinging your arms whilst walking or by gently flicking your hair out of your face. I know it doesn't come as a natural thing to me like it does with Holly but, hopefully, you can see how well it works in my own little adaptation.

Be comfortable

I aint no fashion blogger. Before this shoot, I was stressing about not looking 'fashionable' enough and it legit gave me so much self-doubt. I don't dress like fashion bloggers, I'm certainly not gonna start ordering clothes and walking out of my house looking like something I'm not. Shoot what you feel most comfortable in, even if it is those black skinny jeans that you wear every day. There will be guys and girls out there who are on the hunt for the perfect pair of black jeans and your post might be the one they turn to for advice. The more comfortable you feel whilst your shooting, it means that you'll push yourself when it comes to creating movement and looking more natural. Not everyone is a model so chill, and just try not to think about it too much.

Have accessories

This is without a doubt a ride or die tip. If you're nervous or feel as if you would be 'awkward' in front of the camera, bringing a prop or some sort of accessory with you will just bring you out of your comfort zone. Jewellery, bags, jackets, coffees and phones are the best ones, it just allows you to focus on something other than yourself and how you think you look in front of the camera. You'll look fab I'm sure.

Having a bag on you (like this beaut Radley bag that you can pick up here) or some sunglasses, allows you to worry less about what your body is doing. For example, you can easily pop your bag in the crook f your arm, on your shoulder or you can just swing it around in your hands. It adds subtle movement, gives your body some shape and it gives you a great opportunity to tag more brands in your insta posts.

One of my favourite things to do with a bag is to simply swing it around. Like I said earlier about adding movement to your pictures, do a few fake steps with your handbag and get your gal pal or guy friend to either capture a full-length shot or to get detailed, close up shots of the bag. If you're using an iPhone or you want to capture the bag in motion, set the shutter setting to high speed continuous (or hold down the capture button on the iPhone) and literally just hold down the button whilst you're walking.

The Bow Lane bag from Radley has nice and sturdy handles so I was able to swing it around whilst standing completely still, my camera only has 17 focus points so getting the focus to be sharp and crisp on the bag was quite difficult,  I decided to just tilt and swing the bag slowly to make sure it was fully in focus. I didn't really like the image when it was taken head-on as it makes the bag look quite flat so, I tilted it from side to side so you were able to see the suede panels, it just gives it some added dimension and you're able to see the difference in materials and textures.

Be the best book author you can be

This tip is for those that may not feel comfortable standing, moving around or showing off their figure. I call this the 'Book author' pose. I know, it sounds weird and a bit of a joke but it works really well for those that may not be the most confident when they first start shooting. It's such a simple to do but once you've got the hang of it you can start experimenting with different positions and different angles.

Just find some steps or a pavement, sit on them and gaze lovingly into the lens... lol jk. But honestly, you can do that if you totally want to! If you lean a bit forward with your upper body and you place your chin into one of your hands, it gives you such a flattering shape and if you add half a smile in there, BOOM... you got your shot. To play around with it more, you can relax your legs a bit and make it more casj or you can lean back and totally lay down the steps if you want to. There's no judgement here. I only call it the book author pose because it's just the kind of shot you would put as your profile picture, your tinder pic or the picture you would put in the back of your very own novel. That's just my way of looking at it.

The variety of shots are endless but like I said before, I'm your gal that chills behind the camera, not in front of it. I felt incredibly anxious about this shoot and that's because I was thrown out of my comfort zone, I had never put myself in front of the camera before and I was scared that I would look like an awkward, sweaty mess. As my gal Megan stated in her post, A NOVICES GUIDE TO CAMERA CONFIDENCE, you will always get that shot! You will never walk away from a little photography session with pictures you cannot use. I promise you that.

I hope this post allows you to get that motivation to head out with a friend (or a photographer... hire me plz) to experiment and to get some great content for your socials. You never know, maybe the first set of images you capture will secure you a brand collaboration or a re-post from a brand.

 I would love to know if this inspires you to do your own outfits shots so, let me know down in the comments any tips and tricks I should know or how you get on with your own outfit pics!



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*The BOW LANE MEDIUM ZIP-TOP GRAB BAG was kindly gifted to be my Radley London for this post - this post also features affiliate links* 


Well, I'm a bit late to the game aint I? I've had this little review of mine written up for the longest time but I wanted to get my opinions on point. With Glossier making it's UK debut last year, my twitter literally blew up, no joke, my twitter wouldn't refresh for ages because everyone was going mad. That may just be my horrific wifi connection but it just proves that the brand is very well loved across the globe. This is why it's important for me to give my honest opinions of the brand to be able to help you all when it comes to making your own purchases. You don't want to fall for the hype, do you? 


Priming Moisturiser

Apart from the odd facemask, I'm not really the biggest user of moisturiser. I know I know, it's totally a sin but I was never told about the importance of looking after your skin when I was younger, not even by the dermatologist! I only became more aware when I started chattting to my my gal Frances Hemmant (check out her blog, it's amazing) that I realised I was gonna look 84 by the time I was 30 if I didn't start looking after my skin asap. 

I picked up the priming moisturiser because it's essentially two products in one, anything that saves me time faffing around with my face in the morning makes me a happy gal. I also have really dry skin on my nose, chin and forehead so I tend to apply a thicker layer of the moisturiser in these areas and I LOVE it. It doesn't quite do the same job as a primer (filling in my pores) but my makeup looks really nice on top of it and it gives me that nice dewy glow. If you have large pores like myself, then I would apply a pore filling primer like Benefits Porefessional or the NYX Cosmetics Angel veil primer on those areas before applying the moisturiser.

Milky Jelly Cleanser 

This product didn't excite me as much as I hoped it would. It's a great product but it's not really anything special. I think I'm too obsessed with using the Palmers Cleansing Oil (that I wrote about here) to let another cleanser into my life in all honesty. The Palmers Cleansing oil is great to remove makeup and to cleanse your skin and I just feel that the Glossier one doesn't do that. I don't think it removes the makeup thats made its way deep down into my skin but it does leave my skin feeling clean, it's a lot of mixed messages if you ask me. 

Birthday Balm Dot Com

Omgzzz guys, this product is definitely something to be excited about. I mean, it smells and tastes like birthday cake for crying out loud! It comes in many different flavours and colours but, when I was shopping around, I just wanted something simple that didn't taste like coconut or cherry (because that seems to be a running theme for lip balms these days). So... I went for the most chilled, plain and boring flavour out of them all, nah jk. I couldn't resist a lip balm that tastes like cake. 

Lets put aside the amazing smell for just a minute and talk about if it works or not! It's a really smooth and thick lip balm, in all honesty, I find that the majority of lip balms that I've tried are very thin in texture and they rub off within an hour of wearing them. This Glossier one, on the other hand, is thick enough to last a good few hours, it also doesn't leave a white cast like I thought as it's a clear balm (with tiny flakes of glitter... so cute).


This spray wasn't included in any of the sets that I bought and in all honesty, I bought it completely on a whim when I was at the Glossier Pop up shop a few months back. Sprays are one of those products that I just don't reach for but, I love to spray this on those 'no makeup' days and just before I totter off to bed. I don't use it every day because... well because, I'm just awful at remembering to do it but, when I do use it I really like the way my skin feels once I drown my face in it. 

When I looked on the website to see what this bad boy does, it doesn't really say much. It claims to be a soothing spray and it's best used after you've cleansed and washed your face, to prep for the last step of moisturising. Like I said, I've only just gotten into the hype of moisturising so this spray truly comes in handy when I forget to do it. I guess you could also use it as a way to add that bit of moisture or hydration back into your skin throughout the day, my skin tends to look dry and crusty after a few hours of wearing makeup so I can assume this spray would help add that bit of life back into my skin. 

MASK DUO | £30

Moon Mask

This product is apparently the most intense moisturiser that Glossier makes and even though I have oily skin, it's incredibly dehydrated. It contains a lot of ingredients that sound as if they would do the job perfectly and in all honesty, I have no idea what any of it means but like I said, I fell for the hype, ok?
 It contains shea butter, plant-derived squalene (god knows what that is), sweet almond & soybeans oils, liquorice root, lemon extract, hyaluronic acid and natural skin soothers like honey and aloe. That's quite a hefty list of ingredients and apart from the squalene, the product sounds as if it does the job. It's not a normal mask that drys down and you have to wash off after 15 minutes, in my opinion, it doesn't dry down at all.

The description tells you to apply a thick layer onto the skin but, for something that doesn't dry down that's an awful lot of sitting around. I'm impatient so I didn't really follow the rules when I first used it so, Instead, I applied it like I would a moisturiser and just dotted it around my face and rubbed it in. This works quite well if you were to use it as a daily moisturiser but, you can use that extra bit of it and get the full benefits of the mask.

Greens Mask

You're supposed to use this mask before the Moon mask as it's a detoxifying mask, so I assume that it's going to remove all the gunk from my face to make way for the mass of moisture?
This mask does dry down and my face feels as stiff as a brick with it on, is that the correct saying? Oh well, it's that kind of product that feels like it actually works which is the main thing. It claims to balance and condition pores which is important to me as my pores are bloody huge and they need a clear out more often than others so, I was basically hooked just from that description. It contains parsley, spinach and cress sprout extract which has me feeling a bit weird that I'm actually rubbing parsley on my face but it's supposed to protect your skin from pollution so, that's dandy aye?!

It also has 8 vitamin and omega-rich fruit extracts to sort out any skin damage you may have. All of this sounds fancy to me but all I care about is, does it actually work? I wouldn't say I've used it enough to say it's made that much of a difference to my skin but it does feel clean and plumper, the redness around my blemishes has also started to calm down a bit and in terms of my confidence in my self, that's a major win for me.


Super Pure

I'm already halfway through the bottle so if that doesn't tell you how much I love this product then I'm not sure what will. I mainly wanted this product and this product only but I saw that Glossier were selling them as a trio and like I said, I can't resist a bargain or an offer so I just had to get all three didn't I...
Super pure is basically meant to be that holy grail item you have to make those pesky volcanos that we call spots, disappear. I'm not entirely sure what the correct amount is that you're supposed to use but, my face just looks like a dot to dot the entire time so I tend to use quite a bit but oh well, it works! I'm a picker and I let my spots get to that horrible stage where they've tripled in size and they've scabbed over, Super pure legit clears those up overnight. Spots like that last for weeks on my face, it's like they move in and invite all their unwanted friends over, but super pure just hands them an eviction notice and they bugger off, taking their friends with them. 

Super Bounce 

This product is made to soften, plump and hydrate your skin and I have to say, I've only noticed small differences in my skin when I've used this. Yes, my skin does feel incredibly soft after I've used this but, it also feels soft after giving it a wash with any old face wash. However, my skin is rougher than a cats tongue and the product definitely smoothes it over and just makes it appear fresher and less dull. I haven't used it as much as my Super Pure so it's definitely something I need to keep testing.

Super Glow

Obviously, from the name of the product you can kinda guess what it's supposed to do. According to the website, they've used a more specific type of vitamin c that's supposed to penetrate deeper into the skin which will work wonders for my dry skinned gals out there! I had dry patches dotted around my face and I found it so strange because I had oily skin, my chin especially would look horrific. I mainly used this product on my dry patches just to chuck in that hydration it desperately needs. I wouldn't say it got rid of my dry patches as such but, my skin soaked up that serum like I down my coke Mcdonalds. My skin loves this and if you were to look at my bottle, I'm near enough out of it. It just makes my skin feel so soft and less 'worn' if you know what I mean.


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So whats the verdict? Listen, you can't expect every product to work amazingly for your skin, I didn't love everything but I found some key products that I will definitely be repurchasing. I would definitely recommend getting their pre-made packs because of 1. it's cheaper and 2. the products are designed to be used together and layered. I mean, that's just an excuse to get more products to test out right? My top 3 recommendations would be the Birthday Balm, the Super Pack and the Mask duo!

Have you tried anything from Glossier? Whats your faves and what should I pick up on my next order?



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If you're a regular reader of ohitssare.com then you will be aware that I've sorta dibbed 2018 as my year to smash it. Soz hunz, I've claimed it... It's definitely going to be my year starting this February (bare shiz went down in January so we're just gonna write that one off).

If you read my post on my 2018 goals then you would've seen that I want to treat myself to more me-time this year. I spend a lot of my time creating content for other bloggers which I obviously love doing but, the majority of my spare time is spent being completely focused on other people. I actually don't really have a problem with this because I love doing it, it's something I find fulfilling, challenging and I wouldn't change it for the world. However, I'm a hard working gal and I think I kinda hit a creative wall.

I became exhausted, uninspired and even though I had 1000s of images to showcase on my insta, I had nothing for my own socials which was I N F U R I A T I N G.  This was when I realised I hadn't been focusing on the most important thing in my life... and that's me!

After such a stressful January, I found myself feeling completely deflated and run down and I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to shake the stress away. But behold... incomes the email I've been waiting for (kinda waiting for as I didn't know it was coming), I had been invited along to a relaxing day at the Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf in Canary Wharf. Initially, I was close to tears that someone was nice enough to think of me when they were given the chance to treat someone else, but I was also heavily gassed that I was about to have the most relaxing day of my life. 

Before we even start this review, I have to tell you all about the stunning view that sits across from the Radisson. It's opposite the O2 Arena and the sun just shone through every window that the hotel had. There's nothing more perfect than a stunning view to go alongside a day at the spa!

Right, where were we? We started the day off with some Yoga by the wonderful Alec from aleclovelifeyoga.com, it was something I've never tried before but it was definitely something I would consider doing again. I used to be a ballet dancer and I also used to do a lot of gymnastics when I was younger, I'm a pretty flexi gal so it did work in my favour for the yoga class but, I realised that I've picked up a few nasty habits within my posture that I desperately need to fix. I mean, why wouldn't you want to do a bit of yoga every day when you have a view like that aye?

After an hour-long yoga session, I was left feeling relaxed, energised but also very hungry! The Radisson had prepared the most beautiful spread of sandwiches and cakes, it was literally the afternoon teas... of all afternoon teas. There were at least 5 different stands of delicious treats to snack on and each one was specifically made for a different dietary requirement. How good is that? A lot of my friends have dietary requirements like being gluten-free, lactose-free or by being vegetarian so it's nice to see an establishment such as the Radisson being able to cater to all of my gals. 

I think I slightly over-did it on the food front because my stomach literally tripled in size and I had floated into a food coma. The funny thing was, I didn't actually care that I looked 5 months pregnant with my food baby, I was too relaxed and too comfortable in the Radisson to give a damn about how I looked. This is what loving yourself is about, it's about having a good time and treating yourself with the people you love... and in our case, with some new found friends. 

After the cakes, the jam covered scones and the many giggles, it was time for us all to part ways and to receive a little taster treatment that the award-winning East River Spa had to offer. I always opt for a back massage as I have a lot of tension in my upper back, it's definitely down to sitting at my laptop editing and being out and about photographing bloggers. I'm not complaining because I love my job but the ache and pains in my back are becoming unbearable! 

This is the part of the day that I can't quite remember... I actually think I fell asleep whilst having my back massage and I mean, if that doesn't shout to the world that it was one of the most relaxing massages ever then I don't know what does! 

The East River Spa uses a large variety of Espa products and I'm not too sure on what she actually used on me but what I can say is, the smell was beyond beautiful. It had a hint of lavender to it, which is probably why I fell asleep right in the middle of it but I ain't complaining. The spa truly seemed to care about my needs in terms of the back massage, they wanted to know my stress levels and the pressure I would prefer (I like it painful lol) and they mainly focused on my shoulders as they understood that's where most of the tension resides. 

After my little nap, I made my way to the relaxation room where I found the other girls lounging around on the heated tiled beds (hella boujie right?). It truly was the perfect ending to the most perfect day, I must have laid there for about half an hour admiring the view and just thinking about how blessed I was to be invited along to something like this. It actually made me realise that I need to spend more time looking after myself, which is something I think I do quite often but now I know it's not often enough. Obviously, I can't splash out on spa days all the time but, just from laying down and having a bit of me time, I was able to relax and forget the stresses that I had going on at home. 

There are lots of ways for you to self-love and to treat yourself, whether that be by running yourself a hot bubble bath with some candles or by ordering your fave takeaway with all the side orders... there are multiple ways to give yourself that extra bit of lovin that you deserve. Looking after yourself is the first step to loving yourself and SpaSeekers made me realise that! February is obviously the month of love and even after the 14th, we're still reminded that we should be treating our loved ones but... This February, I'm being selfish and making it all about me, and you should too! 

What do you do to treat yourself? Let me know down in the comments! 



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Where on earth has the year gone? It legit feels as if I’ve blinked and the last twelve months have vanished before my eyes... oh well, that can only mean it’s time to bang out the Harry Potter boxset and to welcome the new year with a bang (staying in watching boxsets may not be your thing but this is definitely something I would rather do than go out out). 

Over the past week leading us up to the new year, my twitter and Instagram has gone crazy with threads of everyone’s 2017 highlights and when it came down to actually putting my own together, my mind went blank and I couldn’t pull any specific moments out that made my year. That could be because I have a new phone and zero pictures saved but, I still struggled to come up with at least 3 memories. 

I know this is a bit of a cliche but I keep thinking back to that Kylie Jenner meme where she said ‘this is the year of realising things’, 2017 for me has definitely been a weird one for me and I know deep down so many great things but negativity has certainly been a burden against me in the last few months. This is why I want to start 2018 with a positive attitude and I want to share my goals and hopes for the new year, let’s be done with the shitty attitude and kick this year in the ass. 

This one is a big one for me and if I’m being completely honest, it’s 80% unachievable. I know that you’re probably thinking that I hardly blog and I have zero chance of going freelance with the lack of effort that I put in but... I’m actually on about my photography work. I’ve been in my retail job for 4 years now and as much as I love everyone and I’ve had a ball there, it’s just my time to step away and move on. Obviously, I could just get another job and see how that goes but part of me is screaming out to take the risk and make my little photo taking adventure and make it into a career. Call me irresponsible and ridiculous but hey ho, not everything will work out and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have more than a few quiet months but I actually don’t care. It just means more time for me to spend on blogging and it may result in a new YouTube adventure... who knows! 

Pursuing photography has truly made me realise that I actually need to get out more, not just out of the house but actually out of bed. I had no motive other than work and uni for me to actually want to get out of bed and no joke, I spent days laying down and doing jack shit. It’s so unhealthy and my mental health suffered horrifically this year because I just saw no reason to move, uni finished and yeah, that was fab but I had no other reason to leave my house. I started doing blogger shoots really late on into the year but it gave me the motivation to get up, get dressed and get the fuck out! Shoving on some makeup and wearing clean clothes for an hours shoot was all I needed to make me feel as if I had some sort of purpose, the more shoots I did and the less time I spent in bed, the more I started to value my time and health a lot more. 

I started 2017 on a mission to reinvent myself. I started slimming world in hopes of losing a tonne of weight and having that perfect bikini body that every girl wishes for, it was one of the hardest but one of the easiest things I've ever done and I know that makes absolutely no sense but hold up, let me explain. I ate a lot of shit, I would have two chocolate croissants for breakfast, KFC for lunch and Dominos for pizza and I had to cut all of that out. It wasn't hard to cut the food out because I had made myself so unhappy with my appearance that I didn't mind cutting out the foods I liked to get the body I would (hopefully) love. The difficult part was when I lost the weight, I lost over 2 and a half stone and I felt amazing and my clothes actually started to fit me again but, I still wasn't happy. I then realised that I had more of an issue with who I was than I did my weight. I want 2018 to be the year that I focus on myself and myself only, I want to finish 2018 knowing exactly who I am, where I want to go and where I want to be. Whether that be treating myself to spa days and days out or just a cheeky 2-hour hot bath with some Netflix (is that too long to spend in the bath?), I want 2018 just to be about me, myself and I and I want to learn to sorta, kinda love myself! 

I think this something I'm definitely hoping that I'll start and hopefully stick to this year. Like I said earlier, I'm hoping to quit my job and go freelance at the end of Jan/Feb and this will mean that I'll have a shit tonne of time on my hands. I have a lot of time on my hands anyway with only being part-time at work and my schedule being completely sporadic, but I never utilised the time efficiently and I became lazy. I'm hoping (praying) that I start using those treasured days off to actually start doing more productive things like writing blog posts or maybe starting my own youtube channel. It's a lot to hope for or even ask of myself given that 2017 has been a pretty lazy year for me but, I'm gonna give myself that kick up the bum that I deserve and just try and smash it... pray 4 me plz n thnk u. I'll leave my bloglovin and youtube link here and here so you can go over and share the love and I'll maybe start producing more content in 2018,

I think it's nice to have a few goals set out that you want to achieve in the new year but please don't become obsessed with them, there's always the chance that certain things might not happen and it can be totally disheartening when things go pear-shaped. I know I'm one to give up on a goal completely if it doesn't happen as I planned it and it can put me in the most negative mindset. Just go with the flow guys and embrace the opportunities that come your way this year because if you don't, you'll end up like me and staying in bed, bored shitless for the entire year.




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It feels a bit weird to be writing about underwear as it's bloody freezing at the moment so the thought of stripping down to my intimates gives me goosebumps. Don't worry, you won't be seeing me in my birthday suit but you definitely will be seeing a sneak peek of some beautiful pieces from Ann Summers and you may even find out how to grab yourself your own cheeky discount somewhere in this post *wink face*.

If you know me on a personal level, you would know that my taste in underwear is questionable. I go for comfort over style and let's be honest... I haven't got anyone to show it off to so why should I dress for someone else you know? Ok, so that's enough about my sad and lonely love life lets move on. When UNiDAYS contacted me a few weeks ago about embracing their amazing student discounts with Ann Summers, I thought it would be the perfect time to experiment a bit and be a bit more 'adventurous' with my underwear.

I feel like the whole trend of wearing bodysuits has been around for the longest time but I never really fell for the hype, I never felt comfortable in them as I was on the heavier side a while back and I never really thought it was appropriate to wear them to work (as that is the only thing I left my house for). However, since I've started blogging the need for new outfits has become a regular thing for me as I've started attending more events and I'm actually attempting to be a bit more trendy for the gram. I picked out the most stunning bodysuit from Ann Summers to hopefully wear out out or to spice up a casual everyday outfit.

I chose the Venusualia bodysuit which is just your simple, practical piece of clothing that you can legit wear with anything. For a girl who has quite simple pieces in her wardrobe, I've never owned anything this versatile that I can legit just throw on with a pair of jeans and just exit the building. It's also ridiculously comfortable which is weird for a bodysuit because I always find them a bit ill-fitting around the bust or around the hips.

It got this beautiful lace edging around the bust an down the centre of the body, it also has these little straps that sit in between your cleavage which makes the plunging neckline a bit more flattering. My bust size is a 34b and my bottoms are size 10 and I went for a size medium. I would say that the sizing was rather spot on but I do have a slightly bigger bum than my chest so it was a bit tight around the hips and a bit looser around the boob department. Overall, the quality of the bodysuit is on another level but I would definitely look at the size guide before you make your purchase.

The bodysuit retails for £32.00 but with your UNiDAYS discount, you can get it for £28.80.

The Castra plunge bra and the thong was the next set to catch my eye. I find thongs to be the most comfortable and most flattering on my body type and they're always a great choice for events or a night out so you don't have that VPL. The lace detailing on this set is stunning, it's dainty, elegant and just makes you feel that little bit sexier when you're wearing it. The bra is a plunge bra which seems a bit silly for me to get as I would consider my boobs to be big enough to achieve that natural cleavage but, I chose it because you can actually remove the inserts from inside the bra. The bra has lace all over the cups and along the trim, it also has two straps underneath the bust which just gives it that added bit of glamour.

I'm really judgy with the thongs that I buy because they can either be the most uncomfortable things on earth or they can literally be so perfectly fitting that it feels like you're wearing nothing. The Castra thong is completely meshed on the bum area so it's nice and soft on the skin and the band is thick enough to not give you that wedgie feeling. The front of the thong also has that beautiful lace detailing like the bra does. The one thing I love about Ann Summers is that it allows you to pick the sizes of each piece separately instead of getting a bra and knicker set in one particular size. They also cater to all shapes and sizes, the bra sizes can go up to a H cup and the pants go all the way up to a size 24. Literally, everyone can shop here and the styles and quality of the products don't differ between sizes.

The bra and thong set retails for £50 but with your UNiDAYS discount, you can get it for £45.

If you're a student (attending uni or college) you are entitled to a tonne of student discounts, this was something I wasn't aware of when I was entering the world of higher education and in all honesty I had no idea how I was going to save money and live when I was living off of my student loan. I wanted to be able to afford nice things and create memories with friends without having to worry about money and without my UNiDAYS student discounts, I don't think I would have been able to do any of that in the last 5 years. You can sign up for UNiDAYS online here and you can also download their app on your apple or android devices to be able to access all of their amazing offers on the go. It's free to do so and will save you a hella lot of money in the long run.



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