Tuesday, 23 February 2016

ColourPop Lippie Stix Haul & Swatches

Hello my lovelies!
This is last part of my ColourPop haul and I'm slightly sad about it :( 
I used a shipping service called GoSend to get these beauties shipped to the UK, the service allows you to shop on US websites like ULTA, ColourPop, Bath and Body Works and many more! They provide you with a US address and once the products reach them they send them to you! 
Top Row : Tootsie, Aquarius | Bottom Rowm: Brink, Oh Snap

Tootsie - Matte
This is my favourite lipstick out of the 4 that I ordered, It dries matte but doesn't leave your lips dry and crack off throughout the day. The moulding of the lipstick makes it easy to line your lips with and allows you to get right into the corners of the mouth without colouring outside of the lines! 

Aquarius  - Crème
2015 was the year of the matte lipsticks but I believe that 2016 will bring the return of the glossy lips! This perfect nude shade is so creamy and applies like a dream, it doesn't have a strong smell to it and doesn't feel sticky on the lips either! 

Brink - Matte 
This shade is just a bit out of my comfort zone (I love my nudes) I had it on for a while and it dried to a near matte finish and had a slight sheen to it. I wasn't sure if it was the taste of my make-up wipes from where I had been testing and removing the lip swatches but it had a weird taste to it. I have chapped lips all the time and these lipsticks are extremely moisturising and aren't sticky! Although it's a matte shade it doesn't have that matte feeling like Tootsie does and it doesn't dry matte.

Oh Snap - Matte 
 I was very confused when I started applying this as it has a very glossy consistency and doesn't dry matte. The shade is identical to Aquarius as well which is a slight bummer as the finish of these two lipsticks are very similar. However, I'm sure that if I waited for it to set and then applied a translucent powder on the top it would look perfect!.

I hope you enjoyed this little ColourPop series and if you're interested in trying their products you should really consider using a shipping service such as GoSend 
(I know there are a few others out there!) If anyone is interested in what shipping was like or other expenses I had to pay pleas leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Sarah x 



  1. Hi, I made an order with gosend and I was wondering how often they contacted you about your order. I am still slightly weary about the company. Kind Regards x

  2. I love colourpop lippies. They're affordable but comparable to high end ones. Tootsie is my favorite too.

  3. I hope I can get my hands on some Colourpop products soon - the matte lippie stix look really pretty!


  4. I just ordered a bunch of their lip products, I can't wait until they arrive :-D These look really pretty :-) x

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