Wednesday, 24 February 2016

February Wish List

Hello my lovelies!
I thought I would post something a little different on my blog today and I wanted to share with you what I've been dying to get my hands on this month!

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It feels as if I've been apart of the Cult Beauty waiting list for years to get my hands on this products. Theres not much I can say about this product apart from everyone raves about it and it's sold out everywhere. Just look at those colours and It's so cheap as well for the amount of eyeshadows you're getting 

I think mom jeans are making their way back into fashion and tbh with you I'm very happy about it! I love high waisted things andI love distressed clothing so whats not to love about this beauties

You will rarely see me in trainers as I'm the more flats and boots type of girl but when I saw these I knew it was love at first sight! I already own another pair of Stan Smiths and I love how comfy they are and I get a lot of wear out of those! Sadly for me though they are sold out everywhere in my size :( 

Hi my names Sarah and I'm addicted to bags! In all seriousness I do not need another bag but how can I say no when this bag is so pretty! I love Zara bags because they are always decent quality and the price tag isn't expensive! This bag retails at £19.99! Like, are you joking? How can I say no?

I am a setting spray virgin! I don't own one and I don't think I've ever used one! I'm really interested in trying the oil control setting spray from Urban Decay as i've heard positive reviews  about it! My skin gets shiny throughout the day and if I touch my face even the tiniest bit I would have rubbed it off (no matter how much I baked)
I am so so so happy that MUFE is finally available in the UK and is easier to get hold of! They have recently brought out the Ultra HD foundation which is meant to be the best of the best (got to look flawless in my selfies) They have also brought out the Ultra HD concealer which I've swatched in store and It has such a creamy texture and a little goes a long way!

SkinnyDip Bee Case
I love this phone case! The little bees on the back are so cute! I won't be able to get my hands on this which makes me so sad as they don't do it for my phone (I have the iPhone 6s plus) But for anyone else who might be interested in this case I think they have it available for all the other iPhone models!

I hope you enjoyed a slightly different post from me, please leave a comment or head over to Twitter which is where you can find me rambling on about pizza or something strange!

Sarah x

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