Saturday, 28 May 2016


Hello My lovelies and welcome to the last day of Maybelline Week!

The Baby Lips range has been around for years! I remember lusting over them whilst watching all of the American Youtubers using them and raving about them. Once they came to the UK I accidentally bought them all... 
I know what you're thinking! You don't really need all those lip balms, you're probably right but I just couldn't help myself! 
When Maybelline sent me their Squadbox I immediately grabbed the baby lips and tore one open without hesitation and smothered my lips with lip balm.
Besides the beautiful packaging the smell of these lip balms are unreal. They smell so fruity and they remind me of how starbursts taste, they taste even more amazing than they smell. 
The balms leave your lips tasting great, feeling soft and in great condition! Some lip balms only moisten my lips whilst wearing them and once they wear off, my lips feel just as bad as they did before. The balms really make a difference in how my lips feel and appear. 

I've never tried a lip balm as pigmented at these. The balms come in three different shades of pink and are perfect for summer. They retail at £2.99  and are available to purchase from Superdrug.

I I've had these lip balms for a while now and I genuinely use them and would recommend them for chapped lips and to reapply after food! Sleeping in the balms will leave your lips with a tint of pink and also feeling amazing.

Theres only so much you can talk about when it comes to lip balms as the only thing that counts is how well they moisturise your lips! They make your lips soft, bright and kissable!

Thank you to everyone who has tuned in to my last post of Maybelline Week. I am so grateful for all the lovely comments I have received and I hope you've enjoyed it just as much as I have.




  1. Such funky packaging and also quite pigmented ?! :)
    Kathy x

  2. I'm all about these because I'm a spoiled American and we have everything. :P I'm glad you went on a little spree and enjoyed these! :)

    S .x

  3. They look so good I've wanted them for ages!! At £2.99 you may as well just buy them all haha!

  4. That packaging and those colors are to die for. I may or may not need them all in my life!

    Molly // Growing Up Molly

  5. I like how you accidentally bought them all! (: The colors look great though and I actually haven't used any of these before.

    Single Vegas Girl

  6. Oh they're lovely! Especially the top one! You're so lucky to receive that mahoosive box from them!! x



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