Monday, 4 July 2016


Hello my lovelies!
If you live in the UK like I do then you will know that the summer we're having is such a disappointment! It's hot, humid, sweaty and I normally would be ok with this if there was actually any sunlight to justify it. 
As an oily skin gal it's pretty obvious that this weather just doesn't agree with my skin, I was literally using all the mattifying products in my collection to try and combat the shine and nothing was working!
it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago when I was cleaning out my room that I noticed this little egged shaped beauty chilling in the back of my draw.

 This is the Blotterazzi by BeautyBlender, it's essentially a washable, reusable and cuter version of the classic blotting papers. I've actually had this since January and I can't possibly imagine my reasoning to stop using it, I was so obsessed with it and I think I lost it in the middle of switching handbags or something silly like that but I am so happy that I found it. I hadn't heard any reviews of this product before I bought it and if I'm being completely honest, I literally just saw this in the shop and bought it on a whim, not expecting it to make any difference to my oily skin. It comes with two flat egged shaped sponges and a cute little case so the sponges stay clean and easy to carry around with you. Theres also an egged shaped plastic sheet in the case to separate the two sponges and stop them from touching and transferring all of the bacteria from one sponge into the other! I know it's only a piece of plastic but I love little touches like this! It makes me feel that the brand really care about their customers and their skin. 

I am so impressed by this product, I cannot tell you how many pack of the blotting papers I've gone through and lets not forget to mention how expensive they are. I feel slightly robbed that companies who sell blotting papers are selling paper for like £5.00?! THATS A JOKE. I paid £16.00 ($20.00 from Sephora for my girls from across the pond) for this product and I know that sounds like a lot of money for sponges but they're reusable and much better for the environment. If you're good at maths then you will probably work it out for yourself that this product is actually saving you money. 

This product is extremely easy to use, it's egg shape is actually very useful as it fits perfectly in the areas of the face that you get oily. I like to the use the point of the sponge on my cheek and nose area and the other end of the sponge on areas like my forehead and chin. The difference it makes to my skin is so noticeable, it doesn't move around or remove any of my makeup which is what occasionally happened when I used blotting papers. As it is a sponge, if any product was to be smudged or removed the product is perfect for blending it back into place. 
When I bought them I was so excited to just run them under the tap and see if they tripled in size just like the original BeautyBlender and I was so amazed because it grew and grew and probably was the size of my cheek! I know this doesn't really have a purpose when it's wet but it was fun just to see if it has the same growing power as their other products.

I really love this product, it's definitely something I carry in my bag every time I go out now and I've completely ditched the blotting papers and the excessive amount of products I would carry around with me just so I could fix my face after using blotting papers. I've actually seen that BeautyBlender does a body blender... please tell me if you've tried this because I have a feeling this would be amazing for fake tanning.
You can buy this product from Cult Beauty or Sephora and I hope you take a chance on this product like I did, you won't be disappointed!




  1. These are pretty cool, plus blotting paper is just so annoying these are much better, I'm normally dry but lately certain areas on my face are getting really oily have no idea why but I've been using blotting papers when I've been out and just hate how they crinkle up LOL might get one of these, great post lovely xo

  2. I've never heard or seen this but I need to get my hands on one! To be honest, anything is better than the million packs of blotting paper I've bought over the years!
    Laura x


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