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Hello my lovelies!
I took a spontaneous train ride to London this week and you can't just go all that way without stepping into Primark right? I didn't even look at the clothes, the shoes or the homeware, all I wanted to get my hands on was the new PS... Pro beauty range and I think I got a bit carried away...

 Copper Tweezers & Eyelash Curlers
It's no secret that copper is a staple in the blogger world and when I saw that the majority of the beauty accessories were instagram worthy I just had to pick a few items up. I'm constantly misplacing my tweezers and with eyebrows that grow thick and fast I was in desperate need for some new ones! They came in a pack of two, one with a slanted edge and another with precise point, I bought them for £1.00 (I think) Such a bargain! The eyelash curlers were mainly for blog photos as they're just too pretty not to get, I don't use lash curlers all that often as my lashes are so short and stubby but they will look perfect in my blog photos!

Brush Holder
You wouldn't believe how expensive brush holders are! I do makeup and prosthetics at uni so I'm constantly lugging around my makeup brushes back and forth from home so I thought it would be perfect to keep them clean and looking professional instead of having them sprawled out across the table. I wish I bought two of them as it's quite small, I'm only able to keep my eye brushes in there at the moment so I will definitely will be picking up another one on my next visit to Primarni. The brush holder retails for £3.50 which is insane considering most branded brush holders are well over the £20 mark.
  The 'toothbrush' brushes
 These style of brushes have been making a massive debut on the beauty scene recently and I've seen so many positive reviews about them, I had to try them but they I didn't fancy spending £20 on a brush that I may not even like. Primark are selling these brushes for no more than £4... I literally gasped when I saw how affordable they are and I think I scared my friend with all the excitement I was expressing. I have not tried the brushes yet but from just having a feel of them I can tell you that the brushes are ridiculously soft, I applied some primer and foundation on the back of my hand and blended them into my hand with the biggest brush just to see if there was any streaking, brush hair fallout or any difference in coverage and I was happy with how it looked. If you want to try this style of brush but don't want to pay the hefty price then I suggest you try out the Primark brushes as I think they are extremely similar to other brands out there.

(The handles of the brushes are made out of plastic so they're not the strongest so be careful when applying pressure to them! The only flaw I promise) 
Blending Sponges
Now, I have to admit that I didn't have high hopes for these, only because I've tried their sponges before and they were rock hard, didn't expand and I felt as if I was punching myself in the face every time I tried using them. It wasn't until I saw my girl Kasie's snapchat (KasieBeauty) where she hyped up these sponges so much to the point that I didn't care if they didn't work I just knew I needed them. Kasie wasn't wrong when she said that they are completely IDENTICAL to the famous Beauty Blender & Real Techniques sponges and I am so excited to start using them in my makeup routine. They do three different types of sponges and I could only find two, I picked up the mini blenders which come in a pack of 4 for the price of £2.50 and they're exactly the same as the £14.50 micro mini blenders from Beauty Blender.  The other sponge I picked up is weirdly shaped but I'm sure I'll find a purpose for it, it was only £2 so I can't really complain if I never use it right? 

When I say that the sponges are identical, I mean that when you run them under the tap they triple in size! The texture of the sponges are the same as the higher end brands out there which just shows that sometimes you're just paying for the brand and not the product.
I loved writing this post as I'm a sucker for cheap, affordable and effective products and I feel that it's important to know that you don't need the most expensive products! You can easily find something similar or just as good for a cheaper price. 
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  1. This is a really great post, I'm always forgetting that Primark sell beauty tools, I might go and get some myself!

    Rachael |


  2. Yay I'm so glad you love them like I do, I was literally one of those people in primark opening one to see how it felt ha ha as I wasn't buying them if they were hard, hated primarks other sponges. I might actually have to pick up one of those oval brushes now just to see how it compares. Great post and thanks for the mention :) xo

  3. Great post! I haven't dared to go into Primark lately just because I know I'll come out with the whole beauty section, but how cute are those mini blenders!
    Imogen x


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