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If you had to choose one part of your makeup routine to apply every day for the rest of your life what would it be? For me, it would have to be my brows. My eyebrows and I have had a tricky relationship in the past as I accidentally shaved them off when I was around 14/15 years old (don't ask) I've been drawing them on ever since and believe me when I say that I've tried many methods and many different products and I think I've finally found what works for me. I've had so many questions on my brows recently now that they've grown back, What products do you use? Where do you get them done? How do you make them look like that? etc... I created a little step by step guide for you to follow and hopefully I've answered some of your questions!


This step may be unnecessary to some as I suspect most of you either get your brows waxed or threaded but I actually tame my brows myself. I have to admit that I am very lazy when it comes to actually leaving my home to venture out to a brow specialist so the majority of the time I pluck them from the comfort of my home. Plucking your brows can go horribly wrong when you get carried away so I will just leave a few tips and tricks that have helped me out in the past below: 

  • Never pluck above the brow
  • Plucking after having a bath/shower opens up the follicles which makes it easier to pull out the hairs without any pain.
  • If you want to shape your brow into a particular style I have found that lining out the shape you want with a brow pencil/pomade allows you to see what hairs need plucking (This also stops you from over plucking)

I believe that combing your brows is just as important as brushing your hair! It's such a quick and easy step in my routine and it keeps the brows looking neat and tidy. Combing the brows up or in the same direction gives the allusion of bigger eyes and fuller brows which is perfect for someone like me who has very sparse brows. 


I've certainly had my fare share of embarrassing brow moments and I believe it was all down to the fact that I actually didn't know what I was doing or how to use the product. I've been using the NYX Micro Brow pencil for the past month now and I love how my brows look, it's perfect for creating a soft and natural brow but with more pressure applied to the product you could easily make it bold. With a light hand I use the product to outline the lower half of the brow right up until the end of the tail. I like to elongate it slightly as I feel it opens up my eyelid to enable me to wear winged liner, wear bigger lashes or be more adventurous with my eyeshadow.

When it comes to outlining the top of the brow I like to start further back than I did on the lower half, there is nothing worse than having stumpy brows and by applying less product at the beginning of the brow you will certainly notice the difference. It gives the allusion of a thicker brow which has become incredibly popular since the likes of Cara Delevinge popped up in the fashion world. 


Once you've finished outlining your brows it's like to blend them in with the spooly that you used at the beginning of the routine. I wouldn't worry about blending away the work you've just put in as we're going to clean up the brows in a second. If you find that this brow just isn't bold enough for you thats fine! Sometimes I like to be adventurous and go for a super dark and bold brow but I still find that this step is needed. Once it's blended you can just go back in with the pencil in the places that look sparse or just simply keep repeating this step until you're happy with your brows.


This is by far my favourite part of doing my brows! It gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction as this is where your brows begin to look like a work of art. All you need is a concealer, I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer from superdrug, it's cheap and cheerful and incredibly easy to use. I like to apply dots of the product underneath and above the brow and a concealer brush to simply carve out the brow. You don't need the most expensive concealer brush from MAC to do this, you can literally buy a small brush from Primark to do this and it would still look amazing. Ok, so literally all you're doing now is outlining the original outline with concealer, easy right? Just blend the concealer around the edges of the brow to get rid of any mistakes you may have made in the previous steps or to just sharpen up the tail of the brow. Please make sure you blend the concealer into your skin/foundation as nothing frustrates me more than a unblended brow...


I only started setting my brows a couple of months ago and I've found that I don't have to worry about rubbing them off during the day or sweating them off during this humid summer we're having. I use the Maybelline Brow Drama to set my brows into place and I love it. It's tinted brown so it's perfect to add that extra definition to my brows that make them appear thicker and fuller. You can get brow gels from anywhere these days and they normally come in a variety of colours (even clear) so you don't have to worry about your brows appearing too dark/light or out of place!


I hope this little guide helped you out with achieving the perfect brow and if you have any recommendations on any brow products I should try or any tips and tricks I should know about then please leave a comment down below! 




  1. This is such a great post I have suuuuch brow envy right now, I'm pretty slapdash with my brows atm I should definitely give them a bit more attention. Also your lashes are INCREDIBLE

  2. Your brows are gorgeous! Great post and I'll definitely be using these tips in future, and the NYX pencil seems great too :)

    Paris x


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