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A couple of months ago you may remember that I received a lovely (extremely overwhelming) package from Maybelline and I became a part of the #MaybellineSquad! Well, they were kind enough to send over another box of goodies and I must admit that I'm pretty obsessed with everything I received.  
I've been a massive fan of the Maybelline Creamy Mattes lipstick range for the longest time now and when I saw that I had received 3 new unreleased shades I was a tad bit more than excited. They also sent me another lipstick from their unreleased Loaded Bolds collection which had me feeling weak at the knees as it's the perfect Autumn shade.

 I know matte lipsticks are/were the 'in' thing but I'm not the biggest fan of how they make my lips feel, I suffer from chapped lips anyway so adding drying formulas on top of them makes me look like a crusty mess. The creamy formulas of the Maybelline lipsticks are a perfect alternative as they're moisturising as well as being long wearing. As a creamy product it won't last as long as a liquid lipstick would but I wear the shade 'Nude Embrace' from the same collection to work all the time and it stays on pretty well even after I've devoured a bargain bucket from KFC...

- The Maybelline Creamy Mattes - 

 Blushing Pout | 942   

I must admit that this isn't exactly a colour I would wear on a day to day basis, it's just a tad too pink for me. However, a while ago on Leah's snapchat (devoted2pink) she wore a pale lilac lipstick but also paired it with a dark brown lip liner and it looked stunning! You can view it here so you can understand what I'm talking about but I think I'm going to give this technique a go! I sometimes forget that makeup is all about experimentation and if something isn't quite your colour you can always mix it up a bit, blend it into other colours to achieve your perfect shade or maybe use a lipstick as a blush? There are endless possibilities. 

Clay Crush | 932 

I think I'm right when I say that the majority of us makeup lovers are always on the hunt to find that perfect nude. I always buy one with the mind set that I've finally done it, I've finally found the perfect nude but then a week later or so I see another one and then another one... I just can't help myself! Clay crush is one of those shades, it really reminds me of Kinda Sexy from MAC but it's half the price and it has a creamier texture which is really comfortable on the lips. This is the type of shade that I could wear any day of the week; for any type of occasion.

Burgundy Blush| 978 

I don't mean to be a Debbie downer but I cannot wait until summer is over, it's too hot and with the unpredictable UK weather I have no clue what to wear. Autumn is also the perfect time to bring out every dark lipstick you own and to smoke your eyeshadow out until you look like a panda, Burgundy Blush certainly fits into this equation. I would recommend to use a lip liner with this lipstick (or any dark lipstick for that matter), there is nothing worse than having a wonky lip line with such a bold colour. As the lipsticks have a creamy texture you could also take a piece of tissue and blot away the excess, this ensures that the lipstick stays on for a longer amount of time and takes away the stress of worrying about the lipstick smudging.

- The Maybelline Loaded Bolds -

Midnight Merlot | 885
Just like Burgundy Blush this is also a shade I'll be rocking in the winter months. As you can see from my poor attempt at lip swatches I've tried to neaten up the application with a bit of concealer, the creamy texture of the lipstick makes it difficult to line the lips with (which is what I normally do as I don't have the funds or effort to apply a lip liner)  I do recommend to apply a lip liner first with this one as well to avoid smudging and bleeding. What would look really pretty is if you lined the lips with MAC Nightmoth lip pencil beforehand and then fill the lips in with Midnight Merlot to create an ombre lip. 

Maybelline as a brand really know what they're doing when it comes to producing high quality products at such affordable prices, their nail varnish doesn't chip, their foundations are comparable with NARS and the formula of their lipsticks are something I've never seen. As a drugstore gal through and through I can say that Maybelline have never let me down and I am proud to be apart of the #MaybellineSquad.

Have you tried a lipstick from this range? What did you think of it? Let me know down below in the comments.




*I'm not entirely sure if these lipsticks have been released yet, nor do I have an idea of when they will be either but as soon as I know for sure I will leave a link to where you can find them down below!



  1. All the colors are really beautiful! And I don't know what's my fave :) maybe the 885 !!

  2. These are the best lip swatches i've seen,they're gorgeous.I think my favourite shades would definitely be 932 and 885,can't wait to get hold of these x


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