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I think you will agree with me when I say that I'm extremely happy that summer is finally over, I simply cannot deal with the humidity and I refuse to buy summer clothes because it only lasts around 4 days in the UK. Autumn is my happy season, I can finally wipe away the dust from my burgundy lipsticks, whip out my new knee high boots and head down to Starbucks for the compulsory pumpkin spiced latte. Speaking of that burgundy lipstick, if you've been following me on my blogging journey for the past couple of months you would know that I became an honoured member of the #MaybellineSquad.
Maybelline have truly spoiled me again this month with many of their new releases for the Autumnal season. From chai-tea lip balm to strobing sticks that could blind a person, Maybelline have something to offer to everyone.

The Master Strobing Sticks 

I'm going to start off with the product that literally made me gasp when I opened the package and it's the new Master Strobing Sticks. I've seen them all over the internet but they've been impossible to get my hands on because they're either sold out or it costs a ridiculous amount of money to get them shipped over from America. I've tried and tested out the product and it's extremely pigmented and easy to apply and blend out, it comes in two colours which would be great for all skin tones but I do hope that they release more shades so us beauty lovers can have some variety. You can apply it straight onto your face or you can either use a sponge or brush as well to achieve the finish you desire. I recommend to apply it before setting your face with any powder as it may pull the foundation off but I have only experienced that happening when I applied it to the tip of my nose, it applied perfectly everywhere else. 
 They're finally available in Boots and you can purchase them for £6.99

The Creamy Mattes and the Loaded Bolds Lipsticks

I'm already a huge fan of their creamy matte lipsticks and I was so pleased to see that they're coming out with more shades for my favourite season. Maybelline possibly have the best matte formula I've ever tried and I'm not lying to you when I say that I've tried a lot. They're extremely long lasting and comfortable to wear. I've actually written another blog post dedicated to these beauties so if you would like to know a bit more about the lipsticks and what they swatch like then click here
The lipsticks retail at £6.99 and are available at Superdrug and Boots

The Super Day 7 Days - Metallic Silks

Metallics have made their mark in the beauty world this year and they're certainly not stopping there. Maybelline have released their Metallic Silk nail polishes and they even have a rose gold shade for all those copper lovers out there. Nail polishes are one of those beauty products that I never buy, not because I like having skanky nails but it's because they like to chip an hour after I paint them which frustrates the life out of me. The Metallic silks lasted a good couple of days on me, I do an awful lot with my hands at work and I'm constantly biting away at my nails so I was happy to see they lasted longer that 3 days. I would recommend to apply a top coat with these as metallic shades in general can bring up the texture on your nails and a clear top coat will work wonders with making everything look neat and tidy. 
I believe they've come out with three shades (Silver Satin, Golden Thread and Rose Veil) and they retail at £4.49

The Colour Show Preppy Woman Collection 

I had never tried the Colour Show nail range from Maybelline until a couple of months ago and since then I've never looked back. I was gifted three shades from the new collection, Tweedy is a beautiful rose gold confetti top coat and paired with Runway Rose (the warm toned pink shade) from the collection, it's definitely something I'll be wearing a lot this Autumn.  Dear Magenta is a beautiful, dark purply-plumy shade and if I'm being honest I try to stay away from darker colours because I think they don't necessarily suit me but I will give it a go. The polishes don't chip an hour after you paint your nails, they have a glossy finish, the colour range is AMAZING and with a good top coat I'm pretty sure they could be mistaken for gel nails from a salon. 
The polishes are priced at £3.99 and are available here 

The Baby Lips Holiday Spice Lip Balms

The Baby Lips collection has been raved about for years, they're highly pigmented lip balms that come in a variety of shades and flavours. This year Maybelline have released two new flavours for their Holiday Spice collection in the flavours  Vanilla Cupcake ( a nude pink) and Chai Tea Latte (a ridiculously pigmented true red shade).  I can not tell you how amazing the Vanilla Cupcake lip balm smells, it reminds me of when I was younger and I would wake up to the smell of my mum pulling out a freshly baked sponge cake out of the oven. However, I am not the biggest fan of the chai tea latte lip balm, its a beautiful colour but it smells and tastes weird, I've never had a chai tea latte in my life and I don't necessarily like these weird tasting drinks but if you do then this is for you! Try and give it a sniff before you purchase because this is definitely a required taste.
These Autumnal baby lips retail at £2.99 but they have NOT been released yet! 

The Colour Drama Intense Lip Paints

If you're an American viewer then you will already have these babies in stores and you'll also know that they are originally called the 'Colour Jolts', its pretty obvious that it's the same product but I just wanted to let y'all guys know! I'm not a massive gloss fan... I find them too sticky and with the windy weather we have here in the UK I end up with more product in my hair than on my lips. What I like about these glosses is the 'flocked tip precision applicator', the glosses are a thick consistency so the applicator actually helps distribute the product without over-applying at the same time. The ridiculously pigmented glosses come in 5 different shades (I only have 3) and they're not as sticky as I thought, if you apply the product lightly and don't use too much of it then it's totally wearable!
The shades are Never Bare, Vamped Up, Red-dy Or Not and they retail for £4.99

Whats New In The Eye Department?

Lets kick this off with the new Rock Nudes palette... I actually haven't had the chance of trying this yet. I have however had the honour of swatching the colours and if I'm being honest, the pigmentation is ok but the colours aren't exactly there (if that makes sense). They all swatch much darker than they appear in the palette and they all sort of look the same with chunks of glitter dotted around, it's not the best palette I own but I can certainly see some use for it in the future.
It retails for £9.99 and you can take a better look at it here 

Breathless and Fantasy are the two new shades in the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I used to have every shade they had and I used them constantly either on myself or for my university work, my mother decided to throw my entire makeup collection in the bin and I never got round to repurchasing them. Fantasy is this beautiful olivey-khaki shade which would look lovely applied across the lid and blended out into a smokey eye. Breathless is the kind of shade I would use as a base colour to prime my eyes with, it does have a slight shimmer to it which I can imagine would look best of the brow bone and the inner corner. They're such a reasonable price (£4.99) and did I mention the pigmentation?

As you guys probably know already, I'm not the best person to give advice about what mascara you should use. However, it was this very mascara that led me to be apart of the #MaybellineSquad, it may be a poor post in your eyes but to me it pretty much says it all about what the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara does and how it looks on short stubby lashes. If you would like to check this post out and read an in-depth review on it then click here

I've absolutely adored being apart of the #MaybellineSquad as I've been buying their products for years. Their new holiday releases are definitely something to look forward too and if you have tried anything from this collection I would love to know your thoughts on it in the comments down below!



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  1. Omg this all looks SO amazing! And those new scented lip balms..I need to get my hands on them! Seriously love Maybelline products xx


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