Monday, 10 July 2017

The New L'Oreal Infallible Nudist Lip Paints

The struggle is real when it comes to lipsticks, well for me it is anyway! I'm unbelievably picky when I'm buying a lipstick and it's most likely because I'm super pale, bright colours, dark colours and anything but a nude, scares me but... who doesn't own 21,324 nude lipsticks though? It just seems like I'm constantly searching for the perfect nude lipstick that's comfortable to wear, long-wearing and isn't drying on the lips. Who would've thought that I would find exactly what I'm looking for in the drugstore, and for £6.99 by the way...

I'm so picky when it comes to buying makeup, as a blogger you would think that I'm buying anything and everything to review, post on Instagram or just to collect! I just hate wasting my money on products I know won't suit me or I won't even use but, there's nothing stopping me from swatching every item in the drugstore. That's how I came to find the L'Oreal Infallible lip paints, they're quite a new release from the brand I think and they come in a variety of colours and finishes, the two shades I've picked up are from the Nudist collection.

I picked up the shades Dead Lips and Nude On Fleek, well that's a weird name for a lipstick, isn't it? Dead Lips? Strange but I'll go along with it. Dead lips is the palest of the two and it's my favourite, it's a cool toned nude which would look great on the paler skin and would be perfect for applying in the centre of the lips for that ombre effect. Nude On Fleek is slightly darker and a warmer toned nude, I'm possibly too pale for it at the moment but when I'm a bronzed goddess with the help of fake tan, this will be my go too! 

There are five nude lip paints in total in the L'Oreal Nudist collection, I would've picked up the entire collection if I could but, gurl ain't got no money in the bank ok? The lip paints have a mousey consistency to them and they claim to have a velvety, matte finish.


The lip paints are matte but they're not liquid lipstick matte, do you know what I mean? They're incredibly soft and smooth on the lips and they do dry down to a matte finish but that entirely depends on how much product you apply. I would recommend to apply it only onto the bottom lip, rub your lips together and then fill in the empty spaces with whatever product you have left on the wand. If you apply too much then it may just take a while for it to dry down, but you can always blot your lips with some tissue if you get a bit excited and apply too much.

They do claim to last on the lips for up to eight hours and I must admit, they're pretty long wearing. This was surprising to me if I'm honest as creamy lipsticks like this never last long on me, I'm a messy eater and the majority of my lipstick gets eaten alongside my fillet rice box from KFC, but It's definitely still noticeable and I can honestly still feel it on my lips after eating.


I really love the applicator on the lip paints, it's a teardrop applicator and I don't know the science behind it but it just makes it easier to line your lips with the actual product. Like I said, I don't have the funds and in theory, this product has saved me some money because now I don't have to buy a corresponding lip liner. Perfect right?

I'm honestly so impressed with these lipsticks guys, they're unbelievably pigmented and they're so moisturising even though they're matte lipsticks! I think you should deffo give them a swatch when you're next at a Superdrug or Boots, even if you're not into your nudes L'Oreal have every colour under the sun to choose from.

Tell me your favorite lipstick from the drugstore! Is there anything I should desperately try?

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  1. You've definitely made me want these! Great post x

  2. I love these two shades, they are stunning on you! Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. These 2 shades are perfect on you!!! I've seen so much about these, you've definitely convinced me to try them! Amazing photographs too xxx

  4. These remind me a little bit of the NYX Soft Matte Cremes in terms of consistency. Dead lips looks amazing on you and I like how these don't really show up any lines or look cracked at all! Will have to try and give these a search in my local drugstore xx

  5. I adore these lipsticks to. The formula is so fab! These swatches are dreamy 😍😍😍 look at you!!!

  6. These look extremely soft and creamy and not drying at all...kinda remind me of an Ultra Satin Lip from Colourpop.
    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed

  7. Dead lips is my favourite as well I love how moisturising they feel but I do wish they dried down a little bit more matte!!x

  8. These look so nice! I'm also loving how they're more browny tones as well which is perfect for the weather where I am right now!

    Kathy x


  9. Ah Sare!! Making me spendy, I think I need these !! xxx

  10. I have to try these!! I've been wanting these exact shades for some time now so yay! Lovely photos xx

  11. These are fab! My sister picked up one the other day, I had a nosey at it and was pretty impressed. I'm with you on not spending money on products that I know won't be great for me. Idk if that makes me wise, or just tight? Careful with my pennies, perhaps haha!

    Lottie Unlimited | Beauty, +SizeFashion and Lifestyle Blog

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