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Throughout my blogging journey I have taken 3 big breaks, posted 60 blog posts and I've been running my blog for a year and a half. The fact of the matter is, I'm disappointed in myself. Why you ask? I don't actually know if I'm being completely honest with you, I'm just not ok with where I am right now in my life and it's scaring me a little. I thought that by the age of 21 I would have my life sorted and I would be happy as Larry with my pet dog and a cushty job to go alongside it. Well, I'm 21 and I'm allergic to dogs, my job doesn't pay well and I'm struggling to find anything else to go alongside my degree. 

I failed most of my GCSEs and I have pointless performing arts qualification which I'll never use, you know that degree I mentioned? It's not even a proper degree so that's brilliant, isn't it? Now now, I know this is a bit of a downer and a bit of a negative start to this blog post but I have a point to make. I'm disappointed that I'm not where I thought I would be at this age, actually I don't think anyone I know is where they pictured themselves to be at all and that's ok. I'm 21 and I'm lost and that's ok. 

Sometimes with social media and the creative industry, you are surrounded by hundreds of talented individuals and they're like,3/4 years into their own career or journey and you can't help but compare yourself to them. I have to remember I've only been blogging for a year and a half and I'm comparing my own work against someone who's been doing this for years. That's not ok. 

Throughout my blogging journey I have taken 3 big breaks, posted 60 blog posts and I've been running my blog for a year and a half. What I've achieved in that time has exceeded my expectations, I've worked with a bunch of brands on blog/insta posts which I'm incredibly proud of and I never thought I would get that far. I've discovered my love for photography which actually makes me more excited and happy with myself than makeup or performing arts ever did. I took those 3 big breaks because my mum was ridiculously ill and I had my degree to focus on, these breaks taught me to spend more time with my family, to push myself and to just look after myself. All of these things that have occurred through my own journey are extremely personal to me, I've learned a lot and I sometimes forget that I'm moving at my own pace and that's perfectly ok. 

I shouldn't be disappointed, in fact, I should be elated with how much joy and opportunity blogging has sent my way. I've been feeling down about my blog/insta/lifestyle for a few months now and I'm sick of it, it's not healthy in the slightest to compare your chapter one to someone's chapter 12. You get me? Btw thank you to Bethsandland for posting that little quote on my insta a while back, it got me right in the feels. 

For someone who pretty much failed at life when it was most important to succeed, I've done pretty well for myself. Now that I've written this post and given it some thought, I'm actually so proud of myself. I am who I am and this is my journey, I will continue to push myself to blog more often, photograph more beautiful people, do makeup on pretty faces. In life, it's all about you and how to live it, sounds cliche and cringe but that's it! Comparing yourself to others successes should motivate you to create your own and to push yourself to get there. Of course, I may not be able to take my own advice but it's something I need to work on and I think a lot of you do too.

I wanted this post to make you lot realise that comparing yourself to others won't make your life or your work any better. I want to inspire all of you to just take a step back and realise that we have one life and by taking your energy to focus on someone else's journey, isn't going to benefit your own in any way. I may not be where I want to be in my makeup career and my photography might still need some work but, I'm willing to put all of my focus and energy into that. I will look up to other artists/photographers for inspiration, I will start offering blogger shoots to build up my portfolio and I may even start a youtube channel for my makeup work... who knows? I want you to tell me what your 3 proudest moments are about yourself/blog/career or whatever you're proud of, list them down in the comments below and take a look back at them and be proud of yourself! You did that all on your own and you're on your own path and you will succeed.

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  1. Loved this post Sare! It's so true you can't compare to someone who's way ahead of you, but you can take inspiration from it!! Xxx

  2. Such a cute post! Can't wait to see you in some of your own pics xx

  3. Gal, you're doing amazingly. And you're so right, comparing ourselves to someone else who is at a different stage just doesn't help and isn't a good comparison anyway!! We all do things in our own time and way, and amazing things will happen, I'm sure of it!!! Cannot wait to see more of your photography, your pics are so stunning!!! xxx

  4. I loved this post! Especially "don't compare your chapter 1 with someone's chapter 12" I'm going to remember that! xxx

  5. Great post Sare! Totally agree that you can't compare your chapter 1 to someone's chapter 12 - something I definitely need to remember at time too! You're doing great :) x

  6. Absolutely love this post! x

  7. Babe this post is so well written and spoke to me on so many levels. I compare myself a lot and really do need to stop! Thank you for opening my mind up and it's really got me thinking xxx

  8. I loved this post so much Sare. I completely relate to how you feel sometimes. Recently though, I have come to terms with how much I've achieved in blogging. I'm so proud of myself for getting as far as I have. I know that there is more than enough room for everyone who wants to succeed to succeed, and I will definitely be where I want to be in a few years. Right now I am happy for each and every person for reading their goals and inspiring myself and others around me to also reach their goals xxx

    Melina |

  9. Thanks girl for this message!! I love your "chapter 12" comparison!!❤️ I know what you mean in terms of creative breaks.
    Ps: your blog looks absolutely stunning!
    X finja -


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