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I know this post may seem a bit late but ever since my birthday (August 31st btw) I've been so busy! I haven't really had a chance to stop and chill out but I really wanted to get this post written asap rocky, Work has been so busy and I've actually started doing blogger shoots properly now so I've been up and down to London in the last few weeks! 

My birthday has always been one of those events that my parents dread, only because I would start writing my birthday list literally straight after Christmas and all of the Argos catalogs would be covered in circles and bright pink glittery gel pen! As I've got older (and maybe a bit wiser), my birthday is just another day in the year and I don't really tend to celebrate much. However, this year is one of those 'important' years where I actually turn 21! I tend to not ask for much for my birthday as I only want a nice family meal but, this year my parents and other family members went all cray cray and spoiled me rotten. Of course, I have to say, whatever you may read in this post I am honestly not gloating or boasting... is gloating the right word? I just wanted to share my beautiful and weird gifts with you guys! 

Pandora Ring, Earrings & Charm
I'm really not a jewelry person like I love jewelry but I'm not one to wear it. I just don't want to lose it or break it so I tend to wear your 8 pack of earrings from Claire's because if I lose it, it's easily replaced. My godmother bought me the prettiest Pandora ring for my tiny little finger and I don't think I've taken it off since (apart from taking this picture obvs). It's got little silver hearts going around the band and it even has a gold heart mixed in among them, I never really thought about mixing your metals but it's deffo a thing and I'm living for it! There's something about rings and bracelets that make me feel more fluid, do you know what I mean? Like, you know that feeling of when you get your nails done and you feel like a goddess who could be apart of the pussycat dolls! I just feel more angelic and as if I have pretty dainty hands which I definitely do not. If you're thinking of looking at a Pandora ring for a gift for someone or for yourself, then definitely check out the sizing as I legit had to have the smallest size and it still doesn't fit one of my fingers properly. 

Can you tell jewelry was the running theme for gifts this year? I ain't complaining though, I have 7 ear piercings in total and I legit never change them. I just don't see the point in changing them because I'm just not your fussy type of gal you know, and tbh I only own 7 lots of earrings so I don't really have a choice! My Aunt gifted me a stunning pair of square-shaped diamante earrings from Pandora, they were much bigger than I was used to wearing but I didn't care! I'm honestly in love with them and they're so eye-catching, I've had so many compliments on them and that honestly never happens so these bad boys will be chilling in there for the foreseeable future... 

There's a bit of a story behind this bracelet, my mum had originally bought me a Tiffany bracelet! The bracelet itself was stunning, it was dainty and delicate and everything about it, I loved. However, the longer I wore it the more cautious I was being about flinging it around, I was too scared to wear it. The bracelet itself was ridiculously expensive and my mum told me to return it because I wouldn't wear it because it was so dainty, I agreed with her so we went to Tiffany in hopes to do an exchange. 

So, to cut a long story short... We told the lady at Tiffany that we wanted an exchange and she legit looked me and my mum up and down with a bitch face on. Bare in mind I'm a common gal who doesn't really pronounce her T's & Q's, so she probs was looking at me disgust or whatever you want to call it. She then went on to say that I was making a big mistake, I would never find anything better than Tiffany and basically said that any other brand of jewelry is crap compared to Tiffany. My mum and I were in shock and instead of asking for an exchange, we asked for a refund and my mum told her she would be taking her money elsewhere (LOL GO ON SHE SHE). Let's just say the woman had more of a bitchface going on now and was probably happy that we left! So... instead, I decided to purchase a stunning bangle from Monica Vinader and I'm honest to God in love with it. It's a weird and quirky looking bracelet but it was the perfect size for me to not worry about it so much and the shape of it truly had me head over heels! I've got my eyes on the rose gold bangle to go alongside this one so you may be seeing that on my Instagram very soon... 

My cousin knows me so well, I'm just a makeup whore and I'm perfectly ok with that and my family have come to terms with who I am so it's all good. I haven't had a Naked Palette in my possession for years, I did, in fact, own all of them at one point but my mother threw them away by accident so I was paletteless and have been ever since. The Naked Heat Palette is gorgeous, isn't it? I had only ever seen pictures of it online but in person, the colours are STUNNING! Red tones, bronze shades, and rose golds are legit all I wear on my eyes when I do a full face of glam and in this one palette, I have everything I need. I haven't played around with it yet as I have to take pictures of it first (blogger lyfe init) but I can't wait to dip my brush in and create some smokey, red-hot looks with it. 

Tickets to Aladdin & Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
I'm a theatre junkie, I've seen Wicked 7 times and I see the Lion King every year. The theatre is in my blood and my mum was such a babe and got me tickets to see Aladdin and the Harry Potter show in the West End, I was so gassed guys you have no idea. Aladdin was sick, I cannot explain to you how happy it made me! The show was bright, fun and had me in fits of laughter near enough the whole way through, my mum even enjoyed it and she hates Disney (I know, such a disappointment). 

Harry Potter was something else, I was a bit concerned because I'm a true Hazza p fan through and through so when the film series stopped, I wasn't really interested in the story being pulled apart by sequels, prequels or spin-offs. I haven't read the book for the play but I've heard it's good and the show didn't disappoint. I don't want to ruin anything for you as the whole point of the show is to #keepthesecret but it was a long day as it's two, 2 hour long shows in one day. The storyline was fab and unexpected and it was great to see all of my favorite characters again, Snape was in it and I think Alan would be proud of his portrayal in the play. Overall, both plays were a great gift and I was so bloody grateful to be treated to both for my birthday. 

I kind of have this obsession with Llamas... alpacas too. I even went to a llama farm last year and I was seriously considering becoming a llama farmer just to chill with the llamas. My brother got me a rainbow llama and I mean, I was over the moon when it came through the door because I know exactly what it was! It literally came in the post in the shape of a llama... I know I'm 21 and I should've really passed the cuddly toy stage by now but, I don't give a damn because it's a rainbow llama and it makes me happy so, who cares!

So... that was my birthday haul guys! I'm not sure if people really care about what I got but I love to read these kinds of posts, just because it gives me an idea of what I can buy for others and in all honesty, I'm just a nosey parker who is just curious to see other peoples gifts.

Have you seen anything in this haul that you may ask for your own birthday? If so, everything is linked. Make sure you let me know down below if you like these kinds of posts and tell me what you got for your birthday this year! 

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  1. Sounds like a good birthday. I have to go and see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child.


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