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Well, I'm a bit late to the game aint I? I've had this little review of mine written up for the longest time but I wanted to get my opinions on point. With Glossier making it's UK debut last year, my twitter literally blew up, no joke, my twitter wouldn't refresh for ages because everyone was going mad. That may just be my horrific wifi connection but it just proves that the brand is very well loved across the globe. This is why it's important for me to give my honest opinions of the brand to be able to help you all when it comes to making your own purchases. You don't want to fall for the hype, do you? 


Priming Moisturiser

Apart from the odd facemask, I'm not really the biggest user of moisturiser. I know I know, it's totally a sin but I was never told about the importance of looking after your skin when I was younger, not even by the dermatologist! I only became more aware when I started chattting to my my gal Frances Hemmant (check out her blog, it's amazing) that I realised I was gonna look 84 by the time I was 30 if I didn't start looking after my skin asap. 

I picked up the priming moisturiser because it's essentially two products in one, anything that saves me time faffing around with my face in the morning makes me a happy gal. I also have really dry skin on my nose, chin and forehead so I tend to apply a thicker layer of the moisturiser in these areas and I LOVE it. It doesn't quite do the same job as a primer (filling in my pores) but my makeup looks really nice on top of it and it gives me that nice dewy glow. If you have large pores like myself, then I would apply a pore filling primer like Benefits Porefessional or the NYX Cosmetics Angel veil primer on those areas before applying the moisturiser.

Milky Jelly Cleanser 

This product didn't excite me as much as I hoped it would. It's a great product but it's not really anything special. I think I'm too obsessed with using the Palmers Cleansing Oil (that I wrote about here) to let another cleanser into my life in all honesty. The Palmers Cleansing oil is great to remove makeup and to cleanse your skin and I just feel that the Glossier one doesn't do that. I don't think it removes the makeup thats made its way deep down into my skin but it does leave my skin feeling clean, it's a lot of mixed messages if you ask me. 

Birthday Balm Dot Com

Omgzzz guys, this product is definitely something to be excited about. I mean, it smells and tastes like birthday cake for crying out loud! It comes in many different flavours and colours but, when I was shopping around, I just wanted something simple that didn't taste like coconut or cherry (because that seems to be a running theme for lip balms these days). So... I went for the most chilled, plain and boring flavour out of them all, nah jk. I couldn't resist a lip balm that tastes like cake. 

Lets put aside the amazing smell for just a minute and talk about if it works or not! It's a really smooth and thick lip balm, in all honesty, I find that the majority of lip balms that I've tried are very thin in texture and they rub off within an hour of wearing them. This Glossier one, on the other hand, is thick enough to last a good few hours, it also doesn't leave a white cast like I thought as it's a clear balm (with tiny flakes of glitter... so cute).


This spray wasn't included in any of the sets that I bought and in all honesty, I bought it completely on a whim when I was at the Glossier Pop up shop a few months back. Sprays are one of those products that I just don't reach for but, I love to spray this on those 'no makeup' days and just before I totter off to bed. I don't use it every day because... well because, I'm just awful at remembering to do it but, when I do use it I really like the way my skin feels once I drown my face in it. 

When I looked on the website to see what this bad boy does, it doesn't really say much. It claims to be a soothing spray and it's best used after you've cleansed and washed your face, to prep for the last step of moisturising. Like I said, I've only just gotten into the hype of moisturising so this spray truly comes in handy when I forget to do it. I guess you could also use it as a way to add that bit of moisture or hydration back into your skin throughout the day, my skin tends to look dry and crusty after a few hours of wearing makeup so I can assume this spray would help add that bit of life back into my skin. 

MASK DUO | £30

Moon Mask

This product is apparently the most intense moisturiser that Glossier makes and even though I have oily skin, it's incredibly dehydrated. It contains a lot of ingredients that sound as if they would do the job perfectly and in all honesty, I have no idea what any of it means but like I said, I fell for the hype, ok?
 It contains shea butter, plant-derived squalene (god knows what that is), sweet almond & soybeans oils, liquorice root, lemon extract, hyaluronic acid and natural skin soothers like honey and aloe. That's quite a hefty list of ingredients and apart from the squalene, the product sounds as if it does the job. It's not a normal mask that drys down and you have to wash off after 15 minutes, in my opinion, it doesn't dry down at all.

The description tells you to apply a thick layer onto the skin but, for something that doesn't dry down that's an awful lot of sitting around. I'm impatient so I didn't really follow the rules when I first used it so, Instead, I applied it like I would a moisturiser and just dotted it around my face and rubbed it in. This works quite well if you were to use it as a daily moisturiser but, you can use that extra bit of it and get the full benefits of the mask.

Greens Mask

You're supposed to use this mask before the Moon mask as it's a detoxifying mask, so I assume that it's going to remove all the gunk from my face to make way for the mass of moisture?
This mask does dry down and my face feels as stiff as a brick with it on, is that the correct saying? Oh well, it's that kind of product that feels like it actually works which is the main thing. It claims to balance and condition pores which is important to me as my pores are bloody huge and they need a clear out more often than others so, I was basically hooked just from that description. It contains parsley, spinach and cress sprout extract which has me feeling a bit weird that I'm actually rubbing parsley on my face but it's supposed to protect your skin from pollution so, that's dandy aye?!

It also has 8 vitamin and omega-rich fruit extracts to sort out any skin damage you may have. All of this sounds fancy to me but all I care about is, does it actually work? I wouldn't say I've used it enough to say it's made that much of a difference to my skin but it does feel clean and plumper, the redness around my blemishes has also started to calm down a bit and in terms of my confidence in my self, that's a major win for me.


Super Pure

I'm already halfway through the bottle so if that doesn't tell you how much I love this product then I'm not sure what will. I mainly wanted this product and this product only but I saw that Glossier were selling them as a trio and like I said, I can't resist a bargain or an offer so I just had to get all three didn't I...
Super pure is basically meant to be that holy grail item you have to make those pesky volcanos that we call spots, disappear. I'm not entirely sure what the correct amount is that you're supposed to use but, my face just looks like a dot to dot the entire time so I tend to use quite a bit but oh well, it works! I'm a picker and I let my spots get to that horrible stage where they've tripled in size and they've scabbed over, Super pure legit clears those up overnight. Spots like that last for weeks on my face, it's like they move in and invite all their unwanted friends over, but super pure just hands them an eviction notice and they bugger off, taking their friends with them. 

Super Bounce 

This product is made to soften, plump and hydrate your skin and I have to say, I've only noticed small differences in my skin when I've used this. Yes, my skin does feel incredibly soft after I've used this but, it also feels soft after giving it a wash with any old face wash. However, my skin is rougher than a cats tongue and the product definitely smoothes it over and just makes it appear fresher and less dull. I haven't used it as much as my Super Pure so it's definitely something I need to keep testing.

Super Glow

Obviously, from the name of the product you can kinda guess what it's supposed to do. According to the website, they've used a more specific type of vitamin c that's supposed to penetrate deeper into the skin which will work wonders for my dry skinned gals out there! I had dry patches dotted around my face and I found it so strange because I had oily skin, my chin especially would look horrific. I mainly used this product on my dry patches just to chuck in that hydration it desperately needs. I wouldn't say it got rid of my dry patches as such but, my skin soaked up that serum like I down my coke Mcdonalds. My skin loves this and if you were to look at my bottle, I'm near enough out of it. It just makes my skin feel so soft and less 'worn' if you know what I mean.


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So whats the verdict? Listen, you can't expect every product to work amazingly for your skin, I didn't love everything but I found some key products that I will definitely be repurchasing. I would definitely recommend getting their pre-made packs because of 1. it's cheaper and 2. the products are designed to be used together and layered. I mean, that's just an excuse to get more products to test out right? My top 3 recommendations would be the Birthday Balm, the Super Pack and the Mask duo!

Have you tried anything from Glossier? Whats your faves and what should I pick up on my next order?



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  1. Photography ON POINT BABES. I’m so glad you made me join the clan cos the products are blimmin amazing. I need to pick up some more xxxx

    1. Thank so much love, I’m glad you like it! They’re amaze aren’t they, I might need to do another order too 😂

  2. I've never tried Glossier products, I was afraid of being disappointed.. As I already have my favourite products and my skin doesn't like many products I think I won't try this brand, or at least not any time soon :/



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