Thursday, 17 December 2015

EMJ Kit Bag Review

Lexi Kit Bag 

I was recently given the opportunity to work on a film set, I'm not really allowed to say anything about the film so I apologise now! My role on the film set was to apply make-up to around 150 - 200 extras, I was lucky enough to not be on my own but with some friends from my course. 
I was completely against set bags as the idea of my make-up just rolling around everywhere and just creating an unorganised mess gave me anxiety. I just kept saying to myself and to everyone 'Nahhh I don't need one of those!' 

However, I realised that carrying round my züca all the way through west London and fitting it in a tiny room full of 200 people was not a great idea. I decided that If I was going to get a set bag that I was going to get one that was actually worth the money and wasn't small like the ones I have seen on the internet.

I came across a website called 'emj company' and I can honestly say that when I saw their products I literally died with happiness. Their products are so unique, quirky and beautiful. 
The prices of the set bags range from £56 - £62. I know this seems quite pricey but the size, quality and material of the bag makes it completely worth it! (and this is coming from someone who hates spending money) 
I chose the Lexi bag and as you can see its absolutely beautiful. All of products they make are made with the best quality faux leathers and are all made in England.

It comes with pockets around the outer edge of the bag which can fit a generous amount of products in side them, perfect for carrying hairspray and hair serum which can easily get messy if it was to be inside the bag. I kept combs and frequently used make-up brushes in the 3 smaller pockets.

It also has a pocket at the back of the bag which is perfect for keeping a call sheet, or a towel or even you phone. On the opposite side to the 3 smaller compartments there is also another pocket without any sections and I kept my toners, cleansers and brush cleaner in there.

The other set bags that I came across were very small and would probably only fit in one palette and a hairspray. I can safely say that the emj kit bag has enough room to fit your entire kit in there! The bag is extremely light as well so on a long day on set or at a photo shoot this will be perfect, it wont leave you thinking you have a pulled muscle in your shoulder the next day either!

Another thing about set bags that I'm totally against is the safety of it. I'm very protective of my things and would hate for any of my kit to be stolen. I was pleased to see that this bag also has a zip closure so it can protect your products whilst travelling. 

Emj are such a unique company and I'm very interested in their other products such as their brush tube and their make-up bags. Overall I am very pleased with my kit bag and can honestly say I will be bringing this everywhere with me when I'm on a job or uni.




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