Sunday, 21 February 2016

ColourPop SuperShock Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi my lovelies and welcome back to my blog!
This is the second part to my ColourPop cosmetics haul. I study make-up and prosthetics at Uni and I'm really into creating bright fashion looks for my assignments so I thought that because the pigmentation and the formula has great reviews and because of the cheap price I picked up the entire collection of pressed pigments
 (lol oops) 
If you're from the UK like myself and you're wondering how I managed to pick these up please take a look at the website GoSend (this isn't sponsored) 
It's basically a website that provides you with a US shipping address which ships all of the american products out to the UK.
Top Row: Erotic, Slave2Pink  Bottom Row: Too Shy, Glowstick

Top Row: Fizz, Girl Power  Bottom Row: Fantasy, Animal 
The retail price of the pressed pigments are $5.00 which is £2.50 in the UK so this is an absolute bargain for such amazing colours.

These are the most creamiest eyeshadows that I've ever felt and tbh it was such a weird feeling when I swatched it because I had never ever felt a product (which also has glitter in) that is that soft in my life
The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are soooooo good and are very long wearing (I had to literally scrub my arm to try and remove them)
The colours are similar to the ones you can get from Urban Decay but 100x more creamier and pigmented
I love the crocodile print that is embossed onto the shadows (However, it doesn't last long because they are sooo creamy)
I applied these eyeshadows with my finger and without any Fix+ to enhance the colour and I'm so impressed 

Obviously they are shipped from their headquarters in the US to the GoSend address and then once received they're then shipped to your home address. When I opened up the product I saw that 2 out of the 8 eyeshadows had come loose from the pan...
They can easily be squished back into the pan with your finder so no big deal!

(I don't have any actual cons because I'm so in love with these pressed pigments)

Swatches from Left to Right: Erotic, Slave2Pink, Too Shy, Glowstick, Fizz, Girl Power, Fantasy, Animal 
 I wanted to test out some of their normal eyeshadows so I decided to go for these two beautiful shades in Central Perk and Leopard.

Swatches from Left to Right: Central perk, Leopard
Just like the pressed pigments these eyeshadows are extremely creamy and swatch really well. I cannot wait to use them in a look!. 
I literally have no complaints about these eyeshadows and I will definitely be purchasing more.

ColourPop, if you're reading can you please start shipping to the UK!
I have one more blog post to come about the last few products I purchased from ColourPop Cosmetics so stay tuned!

Sarah x 



  1. These colours are gorgeous. I'd just never know when to wear them!

    Georgia x

    1. They are a bit out there aren't they 😂I do a lot of bright coloured looks at college so hopefully I'll get some use out of them then! x

  2. These look so fun and bright, lovely photos :-) x

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