Saturday, 20 February 2016

Top 5 Must Have EyeBrushes

Hi my lovelies!
Before I got into make-up I had no idea how to use eyeshadow, my smokey eyes would be blended all the way up to my eyebrow and I would use too much product so I ended up looking like a not so cute panda. 
I was using mainly my fingers to apply my eyeshadow as I didn't have the money to buy proper make-up brushes. 
It wasn't until brands like Real Techniques and Zoeva made their debut in the beauty world that I started to learn how to apply my eyeshadow properly. 

These are my Top 5 Eyebrushes that I feel are a must for a beginner or a professional.
 Zoeva 234  - £6.50
I use this brush to apply product on the lid, smoke out product on the lash line and apply my eyebrow bone highlight. This brush can literally be used for everything. It has natural £ synthetic hairs which makes it really soft and can easily blend out product. This is especially good for applying pigments as the brush holds product well. If you're applying a wash of colour all over the lid for a simple look or using it to carve out a cut crease, this brush is perfect for everyone.

Charles Fox 81460/23 - Price unknown
An angled mascara wand is a must have brush for any professional make-up artist or newbie to make-up! I mostly use this to comb through my eyebrows before I fill them in so the hairs stay in place and so i can achieve a strong defined brow. You can buy mini plastic mascara wands from ebay/amazon if you are using them for professional use or maybe splashing colour onto the face for a high fashion look.

Kiko Eyes 200 - £10.90
This is the fluffiest brush I have ever seen. Just like the Zoeva brushes, it has natural/synthetic hairs which makes it very soft and can easily blend out broduct. Because of it's fluffyness this is perfect for people who find it difficult to blend out their eyeshadow and want to get rid of any harsh lines. The brush retails at £10.90 (weird) which makes it super affordable.

Mac 263 - £16.50
I recently purchased this brush a couple of weeks ago and it has easily become one of my favourite brushes. You can use this for gel eyeliner or to fill in your eyebrows. I use the Anastasia Dipbrow to fill in my eyebrows and the brush allows me to define my eyebrows and create the perfect arch. I haven't used this for eyeliner yet but from the way it works with cream products I'm sure it would be perfect for the job.

Zoeva 231 - £6.50
This brush is really soft and is perfect for applying product in the crease and the inner and outer parts of the eye to create the perfect disco eye. Once applying a colour in the crease and blending it, it can sometimes blend out the eyeshadow too much and you can lose the intensity of the eyeshadow. This brush allows you to go back into the crease to create a smooth transition between shadows.


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