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10 Things I've learned at Makeup School

Hello my lovelies!
I wanted to mix things up here on the blog this week and share with you my uni experience. I never thought that I would ever attend uni as I wasn't the highest achiever at school as I was that kid who sat in isolation for the majority of the day or the kid who sat at the back of the class eating jaffa cakes because I was impossible to teach (true story!) Well, I grew up and got the grades I needed and I got into uni! 

I don't study what you would call a 'normal' subject and I get mixed reactions from people when I tell them about it. I'm in my first year and I'm studying Makeup & Prosthetics for TV, Film and Fashion. I really wanted to break the negativity towards this subject with a few realisations that I've had throughout the year!

1. I am not a 'beauty' student
I do not wax, thread or pluck eyebrows. I do not give massages or facials. I am not a beauty therapist! This statement drives me mad as I am not any of these things. I am a Makeup Artist!
(nothing against beauty therapists, you all do great work which I could never do)

2. It's not all about contouring and eyebrows
I think this is where people get confused when I tell them what I'm studying. Being a MUA isn't all about trying to achieve those 'instagram' brows and to get rid of that double chin with contouring. It involves a lot more work than you think. If you think about some films such X Men or Mrs. Doubtfire? People don't realise how much money, time and detail goes into making pieces for films like these.

3. Money is an issue
I'm quite good at saving money as I just hate the thought of not having any! I thought that by living at home and only being at uni two days a week would allow me to save my money and be able to go and do nice things. Oh how was I wrong! I am constantly buying make-up and prosthetic products because these things need to be replaced and I need a variety so I am able to produce high quality work. I wasn't even going to apply for a student loan as I thought I didn't need it, in my mind I didn't have the expensive rent bills or the worry of buying food. I think money is always an issue when it comes to university so if I were you apply for those student loans and try and get any scholarship you can!

4. You will look shit 99.9% of the time
I don't remember the last time I actually got up to do my makeup for uni, theres no point because as soon as I get there I have to take it off again so people can practice on me or whoever. Don't get me wrong I love having makeup free days but my class rooms are in the same block as the builders and plumbers and we all get the weirdest looks from them, I don't care what they think about me or whatever but it can make me sad at times that I don't feel 'pretty' or 'normal'. Theres no point in wearing nice clothes either as they will get ruined. Its all about comfiness at uni and I love it!

5. Your social life does not exist 
You would think that being at uni only 2 days a week would allow me lodes of time to go out with friends but thats not the case. During term I literally have no time to even leave house as I have so much work to do. There is always something I need to be doing and if I don't it really affects my grade. So much research and run throughs go into my final piece and everything must be photographed and evaluated. At the end of a project I have to hand in an A3 folder that has to be full and I must cover everything on the brief and if I don't I have to redo it all.

6. Never leave things to the last minuet 
This is pretty obvious in any form of education tbh, we all do it and we will continue to do it. If I'm honest, life does get in the way sometimes and we will procrastinate right up until due day. If I had to give any advice to someone going to uni or who is even doing their GCSEs it would be not to leave things to the last minuet, if you're not the type of person to sit down and do tones of revision then don't. Space it out, give yourself realistic goals by only revising for maybe an hour or two each day. By doing that the stress you would of felt the week before an exam or due day won't completely take over.

7. Your room is your safe place 
The biggest mistake I have made throughout my first year of uni was using my bedroom as a place where I also do my work. I would spend days in my room trying to get some work done, I was surrounded by mess and at the end of the day I had to also sleep in that room. If you can, keep them separate. I would lay awake at night at like 3am worrying about a piece of work that I may not have done or worrying about not getting it all done on time. Your room is a place where you relax and sleep, don't add the stress of work into it as you will only make yourself ill.

8. It's competitive
The makeup industry is very competitive and extremely hard to get into. It's harder now more than ever to become successful as so many people are finding interest in the subject. I try to stay away from the instagram MUA as I would fall in love with their work and want to re-create it. You cannot do this in a degree, its plagiarism. It's ok to find inspiration from them like colouring and techniques but just remember that it's already been done. Be creative! Once you have your own unique ideas you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

9. Look after your skin
After a day at uni I'm either covered in plaster or some kind of gunk and there is nothing better than coming home to a nice relaxing bath/shower. It's really important to look after your skin in general but with the amount of stuff I put on my face for uni I feel as if I need a facial peel or something. Having a skin care routine is great as it will help you get rid of any gunk thats on the skin and keep it fresh and healthy. It's important to have some 'me' time as uni can sometimes take over your life.

10. Have fun 
Uni can be stressful and I'm sure we all have those moments when we just wan't to give up and run away from it all. Just remember to have fun with it. I love being creative and it's so fulfilling when all your hard work has paid off! You will meet some great people and have some amazing experiences and you get a degree at the end of it! 

I think this may have turned into some sort of a uni guide but I just wanted to share with you what I have come to learn from this experience and I hoped it doesn't put anyone off going into higher education because it's sooooo worth it!. 

Sarah x



  1. Really interesting reading into MUA student life, I was a fashion student and found it also often annoying when telling about it to other people. But being confident and knowledgeable about my own subject did really help people understand that it is not only a visual subject :)

  2. As a television graduate I have always been so amazed by things that go on behind the scenes of TV/Film, as this is where I would love to work! Make up prosthetics etc have always amazed me, I sometimes wish that I had gone on to a course like that as it's something I would love to be good at, and I am quite good at putting ideas into action!

  3. I actually think this sounds like an amazing course and I'd much rather be this kind of make-up artist (far more creative)! I don't think I'd have the confidence to go make-up free to class though! x

    Xtina G Says..

  4. I love this sort of post, your course sounds so interesting!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  5. Interesting post. You said some things I had never thought of. Best of luck with your education! XOXO

  6. Amazing pictures! you are very talented :)

    F x

  7. This is such a cool and interesting blog post to read! I really enjoyed finding out all of the different things that you have learnt throughout your time at University so far. You seem to be so dedicated to the work that you produce and I just love that :) xx

    Jade /

  8. These pictures are amazing! I'm so fascinated by prosthetic makeup. I'd love to learn to do it! Just looks like so much fun! I'm amazed by your skills!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium


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