Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara Review

Hello my lovelies! 
I just want to start of by apologising about the lack of posts recently. I had assessments at uni and then I got sick (sigh) I promise I will try to be a better blogger.

I recently picked up this mascara from Maybelline because... well why not right?
I find it extremely difficult to find a mascara that actually makes my eyes pop as I have really short eyelashes, I refuse to use eyelash curlers as they just rip out the little amount of hair that I have so I really strive to find a mascara that will curl my lashes and lengthen them as the same time.

I have heard some really mixed reviews on this mascara saying that it's 'clumpy' and doesn't hold a curl. I wanted to test it out myself and share my opinion with the rest of the short lashed girls out there!

I'm a big fan of the packaging although, I thought it was two separate mascaras due to the two different coloured ends and the middle of the product being quite bulky.
Maybelline state that the applicator has 'cup' shaped bristles that are designed to push up the lashes and the formula is designed to hold a curl and provide 'instant volume'
They do also recommend that you do NOT apply again once the mascaras has dried on the lashes.

Top Photo:
1 coat
Bottom Photo:
2nd coat

I'm going to be really honest now and say that I actually like this mascara, normally my lashes would just poke straight forward and just look like I've applied eyeliner but this mascara actually does what it states. 
I love the formula, it covers the smallest of lashes and gets right into the corners! The pigmentation is amazing, there is nothing I hate more than a mascara that appears grey. In the bottom photo you can see that after applying a second coat my lashes have started to appear clumpy and a few lashes have stuck together, I merely applied a second coat just to see if you could layer up the product. 

For the price of this mascara (£7.99) I would say that this is a good quality mascara! I don't think it's as bad people are making it out to be. I would recommend to apply just one coat of this mascara and just keep working at it instead of letting it dry and applying again as it will start to become clumpy. Also, bare in mind that I did not use an eyelash curler or a eyelash primer beforehand.

I hope you liked this little review of the mascara and I hope to be blogging a lot throughout easter (I have a month off woop!) Make sure to head over to my twitter and come have a chat with me! 

Sarah x




  1. Maybelline are my go-to for my mascaras! This one doesn't look like it disappoints either :) I absolutely love Max Factor for mascaras ATM! X

    Hannatalks x

    1. I've never tried anything other than foundation from Max Factor! Maybe I'll pick something up!

    2. I've never tried anything other than foundation from Max Factor! Maybe I'll pick something up!

  2. I'm a fan of Maybelline mascaras! I haven't actually came across a bad review on this mascara! xx

    Jasmine ||

  3. Really! I've seen so many :(

  4. Really! I've seen so many :(

  5. I love maybelline mascaras and my favourite is probably the falsies or the one by one - I must try this one out though :)

    Kathy x

    1. I really like it! Let me know what you think of it! x

  6. Maybelline are my favourite brand for mascaras, they're so great! I think I'm going to try this actually! If I don't like it, it was only £7.99! x

  7. I tried this but wasn't too keen on the formula. I found it too 'wet' which made my lashes go really clumpy.
    Laura x

    1. Thats such a shame! Maybe wipe away the excess product on the brush on the lid of something so it applies a thin layer! I think you have to just work at it with this one! x

  8. For the price of the mascara it does such a great job! I usually just stick with Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara but drugstore ones have always been my HG ones!


  9. I have really short, straight lashes as well so I know the struggle! I've personally never had luck with any of the Maybelline mascaras I've tried which is really sad! This definitely gave you some volume and length! Right now I'm really liking the Pixi Lengthy Fiber Mascara - it's amazing.

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

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