Friday, 8 April 2016

Whats In My Bag

Hello My lovelies!
I recently ran a pole on twitter about what I should post next on the blog and this proved to be most popular! 
Whats in my bag tags on youtube are my favourite type of videos to watch! I'm just so nosey and theres something about someone picking out all of their rubbish from their bags that I find strangely satisfying. I like to keep my bag clean so all of those pennies and hair grips that you see in others bags won't be lurking in mine I'm afraid.

Car Keys
I always keep my car keys in my bag as I hate being in that rush in the morning to get to work/uni and I can't find my car keys as I've left them somewhere in my house. I have a Fiat 500 and I love it! I carry my house key, my watermelon keyring from Claire's and little plastic heart with a jelly tot inside which was a christmas present from my mum.

I bought this because it smells amazing! It's so handy to have with you as either at uni or work I'm constantly touching things and its really important that in my line of work that I keep my hands clean. It's such a life saver when and if I have to get public transport such as a bus or the tube as my hands feel so dirty after travelling. 

Most of the time I keep my sunglasses in the car but the sun has started to make an appearance in the UK and it's time to whip these bad boys out. These are now a must have in my bag. I bought these from Forever 21 and their range on sunglasses are so pretty.

Phone Charger 
If you own an iPhone you will know that the battery life is pants so a charger is a must have!
Lipstick of the day

I recently purchased the Kylie Lip kits in 'Candy' and 'Dolce' and I haven't been able to put them down! I always keep a lipstick or lipgloss in my bag as it's often that you need to touch up throughout the day. These lipsticks are long wearing and only need reapplying after a sloppy meal.

 Setting Powder
This is always and forever will be in my bag. As an oily skin girl I am constantly checking up on my skin and it's oilyness and using a powder has definitely come in handy. I use a setting powder from Kiko Cosmetics and it does the job perfectly. I also have the Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight brush which is what I use to apply the powder.

A Hair Tie
This is such a cliché thing for a girl to have in her bag as they come in handy at the most randomest of times. They one I have in my bag is an 'invisibobble' style hair band that doesn't leave that annoying kink on your hair when you take it out. Mine is from Primark from a pack of 10 I think.

Eyelash Glue
I love to wear lashes when I go out and I have many of these little Eylure glues floating around my bedroom and I love to keep one in my bag just incase those pesky corners ping off

This little egg shape compact might look weird to some of you but as you may or may not know, I have very oily skin. I bought this a couple of months ago on a whim and I honestly love it!. They're blotting sponges from the brand Beauty Blender and all I have to do is wash them when they become dirty and I can use them again and again! No need to buy these over priced oil blotting sheets as they just leave the oil on my face whereas these make my makeup look new and freshly done. You can buy these sponges from cult beauty!

I have no idea what perfume I carry as I've had it for ages. It was part of a sample I think but god knows where it came from. All I know is that it smells great and I'm trying to savour it. I like to carry a perfume or spray with me as who doesn't want to smell nice?

These receipts are from my most recent shopping trip and I have yet to clean them out. I should really keep my receipts to track what I spend but I have my mobile banking app for that.

I bought this purse years ago from Urban Outfitters and I love it! I am in need of a new one as it's starting to wear a little and has lost it's structure. I really want to invest in either a nice purse or a card holder as I rarely ever carry cash on me.

I'm afraid that's all I have in my bag. I really enjoyed writing this post as it's interesting to see why I actually carry these products. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you next Tuesday!

Sarah x 



  1. Love this post! I have a fiat 500 too and I love it! What colour is yours? Mine is light blue :)
    Loving the bits in your bag!

    F x

  2. I love what's in my bag posts, I am so noisy haha! I am loving your sunglasses!
    Olivia x -

  3. Hand sanitiser is definitely a essential in every bag :)

    Kathy x

  4. Love posts like these!
    Them blotting sponges are amazing! I need to get myself some!

    Gorgeous blog btw

  5. I love that you also carry eyelash glue with you haha I do too and I though that not many people did the same! haha x

  6. Lovely post with some great pictures! I'm so jealous of you having a fiat 500. It's my dream car xx

    Lauren |

  7. I love this post! Like you, I like nosing in other people's things haha. I must try the Blozzerati, need it in my life! Also I've ordered the Lip Kits, just waiting for them to arrive!

    Megan X

  8. I just posted my 'what's in my bag' on Monday, how ironic is that? If I hadn't just switched bags before mine I am sure it would have consisted of about a dozen receipts, I am so ad at throwing them aways. I also carry hand sanitizer and sunglasses with me at all times.

  9. Ohh i love these post!! They are my favorite one. I need to do one for myself. Love your glasses!! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

  10. Love this post, I just found your blog and it's awesomesauce. x

  11. I love this type of post, maybe it's because I'm so nosey? I used to have a Fiat 500 too and although it was, at times, a total devil child I loved it!

    Emma |

  12. I love your sunglasses, I cannot believe they are from Forever21, they look so expensive! :)


  13. I love your sunglasses, I cannot believe they are from Forever21, they look so expensive! :)


  14. I love these kind of posts, like you I'm nosey and enjoy seeing what's in peoples bags. Those sponges sound really interesting, I've very oily skin so I'll have to give them a go!

    Lauren |

  15. I love these kind of posts, like you I'm nosey and enjoy seeing what's in peoples bags. Those sponges sound really interesting, I've very oily skin so I'll have to give them a go!

    Lauren |

  16. I love the watermelon keyring!! I love all things melon aha. I've been looking for a watermelon bag for ages now but I cant find one anywhere!

    Alisha x

  17. Lovely post honey <3 I need to get my hands on those Kylie Lip Kits, they look so pretty :-) x

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