Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Hello my lovelies and welcome to day three of Maybelline Week! 
I really thought that I would have given up by now but I'm so proud of myself that I've made it to day three (yay me!)
As I originally stated, I was kindly sent these items from +Maybelline and all opinions and photos are completely my own.
When I saw these I was so excited to give them a try as I've been wanting to buy some glosses for a while now. The whole liquid lipstick trend is on it's way out and glosses are going to be the new 'it' product!
The colours are absolutely beautiful and the smell... OMG they smell amazing. It's like eating fruit pastilles. The bright colours are perfect for summer and they will suit any look. 

The glosses are retailed at £4.99 each which I think is an amazing price.
They are moisturising lip glosses, enriched with vitamin E and they claim to keep your lips soft smooth for up to 4 hours. I have to admit that whilst taking the lip swatches for this post I couldn't help but treat myself to a cheeky baguette and I found that the gloss was still intact and it didn't really move around too much.

 After having one of the glosses on for the 4 hour duration that they promise, I have found that my lips taste amazing and they also feel very soft. It's nice to feel that my lips are being looked after whilst wearing the glosses as I suffer with dry lips, it's nice to notice a difference.
As you can see from the swatches the glosses are quite sheer and not very pigmented. Coming from a liquid lipstick lover I am all about pigmentation and this is the only thing I'm not a fan of! I have only tried the glosses on my bear lips and I noticed that they left a slight tint of colour but I would much prefer a more pigmented gloss. 

I have seen many youtubers who have also tried the glosses on top of lipsticks and the colour is more noticeable. I would love to try the glosses on top of a liquid lipstick as I find them so drying and funny tasting. 
Some of you may not be a fan of products that have a smell to them but even if you don't like my review or don't have any interest in buying this product please please please go and smell of them. If in doubt, it will most likely make you want a packet of fruit pastilles or a Rocket Lolly
My swatches don't really do the product justice but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say! I hope you enjoyed day three of +Maybelline Week and please, if you have an recommendations for blog posts please comment below or tweet me with your ideas! 
I hope to see you tomorrow for day 4 of +Maybelline Week.




  1. Oh WOW I've never heard of these/seen these!! How fun!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

  2. I haven't seen these products i don't believe but the colours look so nice even though they lack the pigmentation!


  3. They're gorgeous! They all look so lovely on you! Especially the really light nudey ones :)



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