Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Welcome back to the second post of +Maybelline Week! 
As you may be aware, +Maybelline were kind enough to send me their newest releases and I am so grateful to be given this opportunity. 

I really wanted to talk about the Master Contour sticks that I received because it's such a unique product that I would have never thought of trying.
 Its simply a highlighter and contour in a stick. I like to stay away from cream based products as I feel that they just slide off of my face and because of my oily skin I just find that cream products just sink into my pores. I was really hesitant to try this product as I have sensitive skin but I was pleasantly surprised with the results.
It comes in two different colours (01 Light and 02 Medium) and retails at a price of £6.99
The lightest shade is perfect for paler skin types like myself and is easily blendable and can be easily layered depending on how dramatic you want your contour.

 +Maybelline recommend to apply the contour shade in the places that you like to define such as the cheek bones and the forehead. Then apply the highlighter shade in the places that you would like to illuminate, such as the forehead and the under eyes. To finish it off, just blend it in with your fingers.
  I found that it is easy to blend with your fingers but, I much preferred to use a buffing brush or dense fluffy brush as it's quicker and I'm not a fan of having product left over on my hands.

The product has a matte finish which is perfect for me but I can also see this working well on dry skin as it's really creamy in consistency and doesn't dry out the skin.  
I think it's safe to say I completely covered my face in this stuff and I hope you get an idea of how I like to contour. I took the +realtechniques buffing brush and just blended it all together and I really like the outcome! I applied the highlighting colour down my t-zone, chin and my brow bone to bring these areas forward. I then applied the contour shade on the temples of my forehead (5-head more like) the sides of my nose and under my cheekbones to add definition and make my face appear less round.

If you have oily skin like myself then I would recommend to powder the under-eyes to avoid creasing but apart from that I would say that I really like this product. It's taken me some getting used to as I am an avid powdered contour junkie but I'm slowly transitioning to the dark side!
I wish they created more shades because I know how hard it is to find a contouring product that is suitable for darker skin tones. 

I hope you enjoyed the second post for Maybelline Week and liked my review of the Maybelline Master Contour Sticks. I hope I encouraged you to give this product a try and if I did make sure to leave me a comment or even tweet me a picture of how you contour your face!?

Sarah x 



  1. You look absolutely stunning and you have definitely somewhat mastered contouring - unlike me haha!
    Kathy x

  2. OMG love it! I use the nyx wonderstick at the moment but would love to try this cheaper alternative :)


  3. These look so nice! I've been looking for a cream contour stick!


  4. Ooh I've never heard of these contour sticks but they definitely should like a wonderful idea! I have seriously oily skin so it's good to hear that these have a matte finish because I do love to blend out a contour. This a great review thanks for sharing :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  5. I need this is my life. It looks so much easier for someone like me, who barely knows how to put make up on!! I also have sensitive skin, so this sounds perfect. Thank you!
    Sarah xxx

  6. Love the look of these, they look so unusual! They look so easy to use though, definitely my sort of contour grab. Need to have a look at these in store xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  7. I love how it looks! It looks really natural on you. Not the slightest bit streaky or obvious. I hate when people have those harsh contour lines and as someone who's just about average at makeup, I feel like I won't go wrong with this.
    Will be getting it if I ever see it in stores!
    Aria | All Souled Out

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  9. Congrats on getting sent these, love Maybelline! I've seen this advertised and I really want to try it!


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