Thursday, 26 May 2016

MAYBELLINE NEW IN - Mascara & Liners

Hello my lovelies! 
Welcome to day 4 of Maybelline Week.
I ran a poll on twitter about what I should post next from the lovely products I was gifted from Maybelline, you guys were really keen on knowing more about the eye products I received. 
I got three new items, two liners and a mascara. 
Maybelline really knows what they're doing when it comes to packaging. It's so sleek and well made. 

I was really confused when I first saw this because it looks exactly like a felt tip pen. I thinks thats the type of approach they were going for because it's a felt tip liner! The tip of the pen is stiff but soft enough to be comfortable on the eye. My first thought was, how am I supposed to do a thin line with this? 
This is the great thing about this liner as depending on the way you hold it the strokes can be thin or thick. It's so easy to hold so you're able to control the strokes and create a nice straight line. I'm not saying its easy as it's a completely different way of applying liner but, with a bit of practice you'll be able to achieve that perfect liner. 
I've only ever tried a few felt tip liners in my time as the majority of them have dried out fairly quickly or worse, before I've even used it. On the first stroke of this liner I can say that it was very pigmented and very difficult to remove from the back of my hand, it stayed on for a whole day without smudging!

I've never used a white liner before and I didn't really have high hopes for it as the majority of 'white' products have a yellow tinge to them. Just like The Maybelline Master Precise Curvy liner the colour dries to a matte finish and has a long staying power. It's a liquid liner and has a sponge tip with a fine point on the end, this makes it extremely easy to create a thick or thin line depending on how you like your liner. You could also create a sharp winged liner with the product which would be perfect for summer. I would love to put this in my university makeup kit as white can really bring out the features of the face and would be perfect for fashion looks.

The Lash Sensational is my all time favourite mascara, the brush, the packaging and the colour is just perfection. If i'm being honest, Maybelline have a great range of mascaras and they're the only company that do my stumpy lashes justice.  The brush is different to the original Lash Sensational, it has a pear shaped plastic brush which allows you to coat every lash (even those pesky ones in the corner) The great thing about this mascara is that it actually looks after your lashes whilst you wear it. The formula is enriched with nourishing oils such as rose, safflower and argan oil. It doesn't have an oily texture to it and you can hardly tell the difference. I would recommend to maybe curl your lashes prior to application if you have short and stubby lashes like myself. With the majority of mascaras you might have to scrape the excess off on top of the lid of the product just so you don't get too much product on the lashes in one go. 

I hope you have enjoyed day 4 of Maybelline week. I am extremely overwhelmed with the positive comments I'm receiving on my posts this week and I just want to say a massive thank you to those who have commented and tweeted me about it!




  1. I love the Lash Sensational too so might have to pick up that new formula now! And that black liner looks so hard to apply...but from what you've said I'm really intrigued to try it now, haha!

    Lizzie |

  2. This was so helpful! I was looking for good reviews on Maybelline eyeliners and their new mascara, and I'm so happy I stumbled upon your post! I also am in love with the Lash Sensational (original) and when this one came out, I was a little curious to know the difference. Thank you! xx

  3. I really want to try those eyeliners they look so good! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  4. I have the original Lash Sensational Mascara and I love it! I consider it to be one of my favourite mascaras. I'd love to get my hands on the new-and-improved version soon. I do not look forward to the day I run out of mine but I now know what's next on my list of products to try!
    Aria | All Souled Out

  5. I really want to try the original mascara and this one, they both sound amazing!

    Parie x

  6. Thanks for swatching the white eyeliner, I would have been sceptical about the colour too! I really want to try it now under a black wing :)

    Cathy x

  7. I have been thinking of buying the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara for quite a long time now but couldn't trust any reviews, but after reading this I am going to head out and buy one for myself! Loved all the pictures!!
    Reet |


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