Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System

If I had to choose one thing about myself that makes me feel insecure, it would have to be my teeth. I never smile in photos and if I do I literally spend hours worrying about how yellow and crooked my teeth look when its eventually uploaded onto facebook or instagram. Of course these things can be fixed by having braces and getting your teeth whitened but I'm petrified of the dentist and my teeth are far too sensitive to be getting them whitened every couple of months. 

My teeth are badly stained and highly sensitive from all the caffeinated beverages that I like to consume so when I was kindly sent the Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System last week I was really excited but also skeptical to try it out. The whitening system is a peroxide free kit which means it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals such as bleach or something like that (I actually googled it and it's very difficult to explain but I think you get the idea). It claims to leave your teeth looking 9 shades lighter in 7 days without leaving your teeth feeling sensitive, this wasn't something I believed when I first read the description as there has to be some sort of catch when you do these kind of things but I was pleasantly surprised.

The product itself is very different to the other whitening kits on the market and it seems fairy simple and straight forward to use, it comes with 7 swabs with the whitening agent on the other end which you simply just click together to get the gel to make an appearance onto the swab. I like to add little amounts onto the swab at a time so I can evenly distribute the gel around my teeth without using too much product. It claims that you'll be able to see a difference in the colour of your teeth just after 5 minutes, to be honest this I didn't really see that much of a difference but In my case (pretty bad stained yellow teeth, yuck!) I wasn't expecting to see a noticeable change.

After a couple of days of using the kit I had seen a slight difference in colouring which was great but it wasn't until I was out for dinner with a friend when I realised I wasn't in pain after taking a huge gulp of iced water. I was literally so confused as too why I wasn't in pain and I realised that it possibly had something to do with this whitening system I was testing out. I used the kit for the full 7 days and in this time I've gone out for dinner/lunch 4 times and I haven't been in pain at all, not going to lie but this aspect of whitening system has truly impressed me. 

Onto the whitening... I didn't see any differences after each application but I did however see a change when I looked back at an old photo I had taken of my teeth. My teeth don't look as yellow and stained as they did before starting the whitening kit which is great! It's obviously not going to work wonders and make my teeth look like Simon Cowell's but it certainly made a small difference which I'm very happy with. It's weird but  I didn't actually mind showing people my teeth when I told them I was testing the kit out, my teeth have definitely lightened up from their natural yellow stained state and I'm very impressed.


Overall, this kit has worked wonders on the sensitivity of my teeth and for that I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a way to combat it. If it's the teeth whitening aspect that you're interested in then this will certainly make a start on transforming your yellow teeth into pearly whites but at a steady pace. This kit retails for £29.99 and you can purchase it at Boots! If this is something you would consider please let me know in the comments below, I would love to know your thoughts on it.



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  1. This sounds really good! I'm always looking for stuff like this but I never know if it's gonna work or if it's safe for my teeth so I always chicken out of buying them! Xx


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