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A while ago I wrote a little post all about my eyebrows, obviously as I was taking up close and personal photographs of my eyeballs I had to make them look appealing right? I chucked on a pair of my absolute fave lashes (the Ardell Demi Wispies btw) and I think I actually gained more tweets/comments on my damn lashes than I did my actual eyebrows! Ever since then I've been dyeing to write a post all about lashes and how I make them look so natural and lifelike.

* I was kindly gifted the lashes you see in this post by

Not going to lie, lashes can be pretty tricky if you've never actually used them before. It's taken me a few years myself to find out what lashes work best for my eye shape and how different styles of lashes might make or break a look. I won't be able to tell you what's going to suit you or what kind of style you should go for because thats entirely down to your personal preference and choice of lashes, but if I had to give you my best advice it would have to be to start of with a something very simple and with an invisible lash band. An invisible lash band means that the lashes themselves are quite light weight and easy to mould around your eye, they're also pretty simple to stick on and to get as close to your own lash line as possible.

The lashes that I'm wearing in the picture below are by the brand Peaches & Cream and can be found on, they great thing about this company is that they stock every lash brand known to man (over 600 pairs to be exact) and they have free 1st class delivery on every order in the UK... did I forget to mention that if you order before 2pm Monday to Friday they will be dispatched on that very same day!

Back to the lashes, I've never tried anything from the brand Peaches & Cream before but I had heard a lot about the brand from their highly successful instagram page. Their lashes have a thin and light weight lash band which makes them perfect for literally anybody, even a beginner! I have the lashes in the style No.10 and they're longer and thicker on the outer edges to make the eyes appear wider and to make your own lashes appear fuller. They are on the long side which might not be for everyone but I literally have the worlds shortest and stubbiest lashes so this didn't really phase me that much, the lash band was also a tad longer than my eye which is something you need to look out for when purchasing your own, you can cut them from the outer corner of the lashes to make them fit your eyes perfectly.

If you like the look of these lashes you can check them out here

I would love to try out the other styles of lashes that Peaches & Cream have to offer as I found them to be incredibly comfortable! They also sent over a pack of their individual lashes which are perfect for adding that extra length and volume to your lashes or to actually customise a set of your own falsies
simply by adding them to a simple pair of strip lashes.

The second pair of lashes I got to try were by the brand Invogue and I'm so impressed with them, they're extremely light weight and are so comfortable to wear. There is nothing worse than a heavy lash and I will 100% be wearing these lashes again, and they're amazingly priced too! They retail for £3.49 on and the brand itself has so many more styles to offer. They fit perfectly on my huge eyes and I didn't have to alter them or keep messing around with them to get them into place, if you're looking for a pair of lashes that are going to be easy to apply and comfortable to wear then I would recommend these to anyone.

You can check these lashes out here

It's a bit of a trial and error situation when it comes to sticking them on, simple place a small amount of glue across the lash band and give it a wave for a couple of seconds. Once the glue dries a little and becomes tacky I would recommend to stick on the middle of the lash first and then the corners last, this is because I like the drag the lash around a bit so I can get the ends in the right places. Once the lash is in the place you want it then take your fingers and pinch your lashes and the falsies together, this is the trick to ensure that your lashes look natural and realistic.

Go over the lash band with a bit of eyeliner and wham bam thank you ma'm, you will have yourself some realistic and a beautiful set of lashes!

I just want to say a massive thank you to Jodie from for reaching out to me and letting me try out their lashes!

Have you had issues with applying falsies? Have you heard about before? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!




  1. Those lashes look FIRE on you and this post is amazing. I love how you include pictures of the lashes on, makes such a big difference to me,

    xoxoxo Georgie - As You Wish Uk

  2. your eyes are stunning, and with lashes on they just look incredible! love love love! Wish I looked as good in them!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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