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I seriously don't know why I put my bank account under so much stress when it comes to buying makeup brushes. I just can't seem to stop myself from buying them and they're honestly something I don't need because I already have 3 IKEA plant pots full of them already (who doesn't right?)

I've know about Crown Brush for a good couple of years now but for some reason I've never had bought anything from them, it's probably because I like to feel my brushes before I buy! They did a selling day at my uni a few months back and it was literally brush heaven for me, all of the brushes were packaged up nicely and just organised perfectly which made my shopping experience 10x better.

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I must of spent at least an hour in there picking out brushes and I must admit I started to feel sorry for the Crown Brush staff that were there (soz guys u were fab tho). I like to feel my brushes because there is nothing worse than picking up a scratchy brush or a brush that you know won't work for you but their brushes are so damn soft that I just kept rubbing them against my face on the car ride home (you know they're good brushes when you can't stop doing that right?)

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C501 Pro Feather Powder Brush - £19.00
This brush was the most expensive but it's the best damn brush I own. Like seriously it's no joke, It applies highlighter perfectly and disperses it evenly against the skin. If theres one thing that I don't like when it comes to highlighter it has to be that stripe of heavy glittery powder that sits on top of the skin, highlighter is meant to blend into the skin and give you that 'natural' glow and this brush does exactly that! Don't get me wrong, I love a strong highlight but it looks a whole lot better when it's blended in. 

C141 Small Chisel Blush Brush - £6.49
I don't really wear a lot of blush as sometimes I can go a bit OTT with it and I start to look like a clown but I think this brush is suited better for bronzing up the face. It's compact and dense enough to apply and blend out bronzer nicely and I even use it for my contour, if you were looking for a blush brush I would recommend something more free moving like the C405 Angle Contour Blush Brush from Crown Brush as goat hair is softer and allows you to build up product instead of going in with a heavy amount.

C519 Pro Lush Blush Brush - £11.99
If you're a cream contour kind of girl they this is the brush for you! It's advertised as a blush brush so you can get a more defined and application of blush but like I said, I'm not the biggest fan of wearing blush. I feel like this brush is perfect to apply and blend out cream contour with as it fits in perfectly under the cheekbones and you can get either a really nice defined contour or something nice and subtle. Whatever takes your fancy! 

C529 Pro Jumbo Blending Crease Brush - £9.99
Right so this brush is far too big for my eyes but I understand why they've marketed it as a crease brush. For the eyes I think this brush would be amazing for applying a bit of loose powder or a skin coloured powder around the top of the crease and the brow bone just to defuse any harsh lines from any eyeshadow that you've applied. I much prefer to use this brush to apply highlight with as it's so soft and you can achieve a nice bold highlight with this brush. 

This is just your bog standard concealer brush, funnily enough actually all of the concealer brushes I own are long, pointy and flimsy. I just feel like the density of this brush makes it perfect for anything especially things like carving out the brows, cleaning up mistakes on the lips/eyes, cutting the crease and applying glitter! The bristles on the brush are black which means that it won't get stained and it's the perfect size for my huge bug eyes!

C512 Pro Sculpting Crease Brush - £7.99 
This brush is basically a mini version of the Jumbo Blending Crease brush but it fits better on the eyes. I love this brush because due to it's sable bristles it picks up a lot of product and due to it's pointed tip it gets right into the crease. I normally like to use goat hair brushes on my eyes as they're incredibly soft but sometimes I feel you can over blend the product with those and then you're eventually left with nothing on the eye. This brush blends the product out nicely and for the price you can't really go wrong! 

C511 Pro Blending Fluff Brush - £6.99
I love a good goat haired brush don't you? They're just so soft and they blend out product so nicely that your eyes will look flawless. I have a tonne of these but you can never have enough in my opinion and if I'm being honest, I just buy them because I can't be bothered to clean my own (lol oops). The blending brush is flat and tapered so it's perfect to use it to pack on product as well as blending it away.

C113 Taklon Square Brush - £2.79
I actually own nothing like this (shock) so when I picked this up and saw the price I didn't even think twice. I bought this for smudging product along the lash line and carving out the crease but I actually love to carve out my brows with this. Because it's cut into a square shape it's literally the perfect shape to carve out those brows to get that definition you like!

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If you're thinking of picking up any new brushes any time soon then I would definitely check out Crown brush because they're affordable, soft and a staple in my kit! 

I'm back at uni now guys so I will post when I can but make sure to follow me on social media (links below) to keep up to date!




  1. Never tried anything from Crown Brush before although these all look amazing. I'm eyeing up that pro sculpting crease brush!

    Charlotte x

  2. Charlotte you deffo should! Their brushes are so nice and their goat hair brushes are so so soft!

  3. Fabulous photographs gorg! I have more makeup brushes than anyone one person would ever need however you sre still managing to tempt me to pick these up haha! Georgie - As You Wish Uk xxxx

  4. Holy crap you really went for it didn't you?? :D I love CRownbrush and own a few of theirs; including a contour and eyeshadow brush! They're so soft and apply makeup really nicely! :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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