Monday, 24 July 2017


If you had to pick one thing about being a girl (boy) what would it be? For me, it has to be fake tanning or just being tanned in general. Now before I start this post let me make this clear, I love being a bronzed goddess and I actually don't mind the actual fake tanning process but, what I loathe about it all is the faffing around with different shades of foundation and trying to plan your outfit around your dodgy tan lines. It's just so much effort and if I'm honest, I just don't care if I'm walking around with a white face and bronzed body. Sorry, not sorry.

Well my gals and guys, I don't actually have a choice but to start making an effort now because I've found something that fixes all of my first world problems. With the hot weather and everyone getting dressed up for Wimbledon, I can't really walk around in jeans anymore. The legs have to come out and so does the fake tan. 

The St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Ultra Finish is an instant tan that claims to cover any imperfections, dries down to a matte finish and blends evenly with any skin tone. That's a lot of promises in such an affordable product (£9.99) so I'll be intrigued to see if it actually works, I've also never come across a tanner that claims to cover imperfections before so I was eager to see if it would cover up the scars on my ankles and my knees. Besides the high expectations, the packaging of this instant tan is giving me so much life, sorry to be tacky but I just think it looks so sleek and could honestly compete with more high-end brands in the looks department. It also comes with a cute little sponge applicator which is perfect for tanning your face!

I wouldn't use this product to tan my entire body, there just isn't enough of it and it's very thick in consistency so I wouldn't be able to use a little to get a lot if you know what I mean? But, this product is a gooden for adding to your foundations, filling in those bright white tan lines from that gorgeous holiday you had and even applying it as a cream contour. I would definitely say that it's branding as a 'tancealer' is quite accurate, but as for the scars on my legs, I'm not so sure. Now that's not exactly negative thing because I don't really look for full coverage tanners, surely we would all look flat if they were all made this way. My scars are quite deep and quite dark so I wasn't expecting it to work miracles but it actually covered them up quite well, very well in fact. Ever since I gained the scars on my legs I've become really conscious of actually putting them on show. Even if the I can disguise them a little bit, then I'm a happy gal.

Another thing I appreciate about this product is the smell, I've never tried anything from St Moriz before so I'm unaware of what their other products smell like. It smells exactly like a holiday, you know that smell right? It's like a mixture of sunscreen mixed with an ocean breeze... well, you know what I mean! Some tanners can smell awful, the ones I've tried smell like curry or biscuits and it's rank, this tanner is bearable and ever so subtle. 

The Ultra finish only comes in one colour but it does claim to adjust and blend into all skin tones, this is something you'll have to try out for yourself. It has an orange undertone to it and it blends out perfectly on already tanned/fake tanned skin, if you're slightly paler like me then I would say you'll be using quite a lot of product if you were to use it on its own. I don't really go that dark when I'm on holiday or when I fake tan so I found that this product is perfect to apply directly on top to just enhance your tan for those days you want to show off your 'hard work'.

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, I would. It's definitely something you would have to play around with a few times but it's definitely covered up my ankle scars and that was my main concern. Like I said, it is on the orange side so it's best applied on darker skin tones or already fake tanned skin. I have pale skin myself and I've found that it blends into the skin perfectly, it's just my preference to apply on top of my scars and to give me that added bit of glow!

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  1. I like that it smells nice - I do find it hard to find ones that don't smell of biscuits! I use the Dove gradual tanner a lot and I love it but it does smell a bit weird lol x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  2. This sounds amazing!! And suchhh a bonus that it smells nice. The sponge looks perfect for an easy application, and the after result on you is so good!! I love st Moritz tan, so I bet this is so fab!! xxx

  3. I so badly need this I've ended up with some pretty hilarious tan lines from Turkey, and one half of me is darker than the other...looks like I'll be ordering this straight away.
    Alicia x
    Aesthetic Obsessed

  4. I love this product for concealing those tan lines/marks! Also such a plus that it smells good too! Xx

  5. This sounds fab! A little bit like the Vita Liberata Body Blur :) would be perfect for covering any tanning mistakes! x


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