I've held this post off for a while as I've been hella busy and I've had a few technical issues but don't fret... I am back! Many moons ago I attended the Bloggers Festival which was organised by the beaut Scarlett London from Scarlett London Digital & Events, if you're a blogger then you will know how late I am to writing this post so I do apologise. As soon as we walked through the doors the girls and I were greeted by the lovely people at Sandisk, I was well chuffed to see them at an event to be honest because as a gal whos gotten into their photography recently I've spent a fair bit of money on memory cards so I was eager to go and have a little chat with them. I actually had no idea that Sandisk even did anything other than memory cards so it was a pleasure to hear about their other products such as their mobile storage options and their portable flash drives! Did you know that they do a 512GB memory card?

So, a week passed and Sandisk sent me a cheeky email to let me know that I had actually won a competition of theirs to test out and review their brand new product, the iXpand base. This nifty little product is basically a charging base for your iPhone but, it also backs up your entire picture library at the same time. What do you mean? you may ask... I'm sure many of us have thousands of pictures on their phone and that pesky 'Not enough storage' notification popping up when you're taking that perfect picture for the gram. The iXpand allows you to back up all of your pictures from your iPhone so you can then delete those images to make way for new ones without having to go through and delete all of those treasured memories.

I did have a little predicament with the iXpand base, the base started to back up all of the images from my old phone onto my new iPhone 8 plus... I have no idea why or how this happened but it was most likely my dumb self-hitting a random button of not having the settings correct. My phone actually crashed and died so I had to book myself a little trip to the genius bar, the guy said that my phone was possibly working at capacity and just couldn't cope. The iXpand is fast, it doesn't take long to download or back up your images (I was backing up over 42gb worth of images) so I put my phone crashing down to this. However, I have used the iXpand base since this incident and my phone is absolutely fine and I haven't had any other issues so far. I would recommend that you do turn your notifications off for this app as this was something that kept popping up on my screen when it started to crash. If you're doing a large upload like I was , then I would recommend leaving your phone for a few minutes so you don't crash your phone and lose everything... sad times for me aye! So glad I had my back up though, every cloud has a silver lining.

I’ve really enjoyed the iXpand! It’s deffo a product I didn’t know I needed until I had it and it’s made my life a hell of a lot easier because now I don’t have to worry about wasting my memory or deleting pictures. The iXpand comes in 4 different memory sizes, the 215gb, 128gb, 64gb or the 32gb! I have the 32gb one and it’s more than enough for me at the moment, it’s also nifty to have because my damn laptop doesn’t have enough storage to hold a backup of my phone so if my phone was to ever crash again, I would legit lose everything. 

I got a bit confused as I thought it was a wireless charging base which would’ve been perfect for the new iPhones but it isn’t. You do have to plug your phone into the base for it to work and you also have to supply your own charging lead! I have a 2metre charging cable so I was a bit worried that my bedside table would become a mess with cables everywhere but the base does allow you to wrap up the leads so it actually looks really clean and tidy when it’s all set up. 

Overall, I’m really impressed with this little gadget and it’s been a lifesaver for me and my new photography venture. Sandisk was actually kind enough to send me two bases so I will be giving one away. Make sure to keep an eye out on my twitter to enter and to be in for a chance of winning! You will have to follow Sandisk on their twitter and Myself to qualify, UK only I'm afraid!



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  1. This looks interesting! I am constantly saying to myself I must must back everything up! It's one of those things that you put off until the awful reality of losing everything hits ha! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

  2. I so need one of these. They’re so so handy! They also look kinda swarve on your table don’t ya think. I love pretty things that are practical! Xx

  3. Ever since the event and hearing you won the competition, I have been so intrigued to hear about this! Sounds so so good, especially for someone like me who's phone is ALWAYS full hahahah!! Glad it is working well for you, and how gorg is the picture?! xxx