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It feels a bit weird to be writing about underwear as it's bloody freezing at the moment so the thought of stripping down to my intimates gives me goosebumps. Don't worry, you won't be seeing me in my birthday suit but you definitely will be seeing a sneak peek of some beautiful pieces from Ann Summers and you may even find out how to grab yourself your own cheeky discount somewhere in this post *wink face*.

If you know me on a personal level, you would know that my taste in underwear is questionable. I go for comfort over style and let's be honest... I haven't got anyone to show it off to so why should I dress for someone else you know? Ok, so that's enough about my sad and lonely love life lets move on. When UNiDAYS contacted me a few weeks ago about embracing their amazing student discounts with Ann Summers, I thought it would be the perfect time to experiment a bit and be a bit more 'adventurous' with my underwear.

I feel like the whole trend of wearing bodysuits has been around for the longest time but I never really fell for the hype, I never felt comfortable in them as I was on the heavier side a while back and I never really thought it was appropriate to wear them to work (as that is the only thing I left my house for). However, since I've started blogging the need for new outfits has become a regular thing for me as I've started attending more events and I'm actually attempting to be a bit more trendy for the gram. I picked out the most stunning bodysuit from Ann Summers to hopefully wear out out or to spice up a casual everyday outfit.

I chose the Venusualia bodysuit which is just your simple, practical piece of clothing that you can legit wear with anything. For a girl who has quite simple pieces in her wardrobe, I've never owned anything this versatile that I can legit just throw on with a pair of jeans and just exit the building. It's also ridiculously comfortable which is weird for a bodysuit because I always find them a bit ill-fitting around the bust or around the hips.

It got this beautiful lace edging around the bust an down the centre of the body, it also has these little straps that sit in between your cleavage which makes the plunging neckline a bit more flattering. My bust size is a 34b and my bottoms are size 10 and I went for a size medium. I would say that the sizing was rather spot on but I do have a slightly bigger bum than my chest so it was a bit tight around the hips and a bit looser around the boob department. Overall, the quality of the bodysuit is on another level but I would definitely look at the size guide before you make your purchase.

The bodysuit retails for £32.00 but with your UNiDAYS discount, you can get it for £28.80.

The Castra plunge bra and the thong was the next set to catch my eye. I find thongs to be the most comfortable and most flattering on my body type and they're always a great choice for events or a night out so you don't have that VPL. The lace detailing on this set is stunning, it's dainty, elegant and just makes you feel that little bit sexier when you're wearing it. The bra is a plunge bra which seems a bit silly for me to get as I would consider my boobs to be big enough to achieve that natural cleavage but, I chose it because you can actually remove the inserts from inside the bra. The bra has lace all over the cups and along the trim, it also has two straps underneath the bust which just gives it that added bit of glamour.

I'm really judgy with the thongs that I buy because they can either be the most uncomfortable things on earth or they can literally be so perfectly fitting that it feels like you're wearing nothing. The Castra thong is completely meshed on the bum area so it's nice and soft on the skin and the band is thick enough to not give you that wedgie feeling. The front of the thong also has that beautiful lace detailing like the bra does. The one thing I love about Ann Summers is that it allows you to pick the sizes of each piece separately instead of getting a bra and knicker set in one particular size. They also cater to all shapes and sizes, the bra sizes can go up to a H cup and the pants go all the way up to a size 24. Literally, everyone can shop here and the styles and quality of the products don't differ between sizes.

The bra and thong set retails for £50 but with your UNiDAYS discount, you can get it for £45.

If you're a student (attending uni or college) you are entitled to a tonne of student discounts, this was something I wasn't aware of when I was entering the world of higher education and in all honesty I had no idea how I was going to save money and live when I was living off of my student loan. I wanted to be able to afford nice things and create memories with friends without having to worry about money and without my UNiDAYS student discounts, I don't think I would have been able to do any of that in the last 5 years. You can sign up for UNiDAYS online here and you can also download their app on your apple or android devices to be able to access all of their amazing offers on the go. It's free to do so and will save you a hella lot of money in the long run.



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  1. I rarely venture into Ann Summers anymore, but it’s definitely time to treat myself! I love the bra, and was super surprised when I looked on the website that the side and back strap are actually much thicker than I expected - normally, pretty bras have such thin straps that offer no support and just slip upwards! I’m definitely going to pop in the next time I’m in town, with my UNiDAYS discount of course.. 🙊

    Andi |

  2. I may now have to go treat myself! New undies are something I love treating myself to and the bra is gorgeous!!! Xx

  3. Beautiful photographs on this post, and that bodysuit looks so nice! I used to steer well away from Ann Summers but over the last year they seem to have really upped their game. Spotted some lush bits in there! Definitely eyeing up that Venezuela body now.... xxx

  4. Does that work with sex toys


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